Wind10 Wizard lets you customize your Windows 10 experience

Win10 Wizard is a third party freeware which helps you customize your Windows 10 experience as well as resolve compatibility issues, modify security and privacy settings, and much more. While Windows 10 users can use it to customize their PC, tweak their privacy and security settings; Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users can use it to check the compatibility of their system before upgrading to Windows 10 so as to get a get a smooth upgrade.

Win10 Wizard

Let us take a look at all that this free software can do for you.

1] Privacy Settings

Win10 Wizard

When you open the wizard, you will get to see 6 buttons each offering you access to a seperate function. The first section is Privacy, which takes you to a list of privacy settings where you can activate or deactivate the settings according to your own preferences. While changing the settings may affect some of the functionalities, there is also a ‘Reset to defaults’ button, so you can tweak the settings without any worries.

This section basically lists the settings where you can disable the functions which collect your personal details which is obviously a threat to your privacy. Each function here is labeled well in a brief description which helps users understanding the function before making any changes. Just make the necessary changes and click on Done.

The layout is simple but looks a bit messy with very small font size and seems overfilled with no space between the lines.

2] Location Services


This section lets you set the geographical boundaries and to choose if you want the apps and services to locate your system or not. To be more specific, this tab lets you disable the applications and services use your current location and location history to give you the best possible information.

While each option here is described well, I wonder why the title ends are slightly cut off; like the letter ‘m’ is missing from the word ‘System’ and letters ‘on’ are missing from the word ‘Location’.

3] Security


Just like the Privacy Settings in Win10 Wizard, the Security section lets you tweaks the security settings on your PC. You can disable the Wi-Fi Sense, Telemetry, apps access to the loosely coupled devices and wireless connections.

While Wi-Fi Sense is disabled in the program by default, you can still uncheck the box if you  want. You can anyways reset the entire settings to defaults just by clicking on the  button, “Reset to Windows  Defaults’.

4] Theme Customization


This section lets you customize your Windows 10 PC with some simple tweaks. You can get the dark theme, change the default login background image, and disable the clock, volume control, and battery indicator. The Action Center sidebar is disabled by default, and ‘Make the Start Menu transparent’ is also checked by default – but you can change them anyway.

5] Remove Install Files


This section lets you clean the disk and regain the space used by Windows 10 installation files and folders. Think before you hit the button “Clean my system now” because the process cannot be stopped or undone.

6] Device and App Compatibility


Besides giving you the customization options, security and privacy tweaks and disk cleanup, the Windows 10 Wizard also check for the compatibility issues of drivers, apps and extensions on your PC. It checks some drivers were not installed or applications were removed during the upgrade.

Although the tool does not new that Windows 10 does not let you do via its Settings, Win10 Wizard is a useful program since it offers all these settings at one place.

Download it here and take full control of your Windows 10 experience.

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