Will the Nokia-Microsoft soup be sweet or sour?


  1. I will certainly buy one. Nokia always have been a very reliable machine and with the software of WP it will be a great phone.

  2. Looks like the soup will be sour. Microsoft has been a clear winner in this deal as they already were loosing the battle with Android and IOS with nobody ready to use their OS in mobiles. With some intelligent networking, they have tapped Nokia to use their OS. This essentially means that they have at least gained access to Nokia’s current user base.

    Being a fan of Nokia’s reliable and good for life phones, i would have loved to see android running on them.

  3. @Soan I hope you wont share the same thoughts once the first Nokia WP7 mobile device gets released. It gonna blow one and all. Stephen Elop already carries one prototype and its just WOW !!

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