Will a Mac be able to run on any Windows machine?

CNet has carried out a performance comparison study on running a Windows 7 and Mac on a Mac machine. The study reports that on a Mac machine, a Mac runs better than Windows.

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“In time-based tests, Snow Leopard consistently outdid Windows 7. It took only 36.4 seconds to boot up, while Windows took 42.7 seconds. In a shutdown test, Snow Leopard took only 6.6 seconds, while Windows needed twice the amount of time: 12.6 seconds. Both computers, however, took just about 1 second to return from sleeping.

Snow Leopard took the lead in booting up, shutting down, and running Apple’s software. It was a different story, however, with other third-party benchmarking software.

Performance-wise, Windows 7 is probably a better choice if you are a gamer, even on Mac hardware.”

It is important to note that Apple has optimized its OS to get the best out its hardware, whereas Microsoft is forced to make an OS that will work on almost any  hardware configuration.

The question is: Even if allowed to, will any Mac run on any Windows machine? Smile

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  1. We’re hardly ever going to find out the answer to that question are we,so its a moot point.

  2. Blake Pender

    What they are not comparing Windows 7 to is the amount of faults Snow Leopard has. I mean I’ve been using Windows 7 RTM via TechNet for a few months now and ok Yeah maybe Windows is not the fastest startup or shutdown beast, but at least it does not have critical bugs which could kill someoen’s information.
    I mean I have a Mac as well, but even sometimes it takes forever to boot Snow Leopard, and Windows 7 boots faster on another machine of Windows 7.
    Further tests are needed if they are wanting to win against Windows 7. Apple Will!

  3. Hackintosh, anyone?

    Of course, they’re still about as finicky to operate as many Linux builds.

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