WikiRama v1.1 for Windows Phone released

Wikipedia is the best source for all kind of content on the web. And when the web is in your hands in the form of a Windows Phone, then why not use the best? Welcome to  WikiRama which allows you to browse Wikipedia in a cool Panaroma-style interface over the Metro UI.

With version 1.1 including the trial version already released, you can now switch quickly between multiple articles, increase the visibility by opening them in the Full-screen mode and save time by navigating quickly within sections, table-of-contents, end pages etc.

WikiRama v1.1 supports twelve Wikipedia languages, Deutsch, English, Espanol, French, Italian, Japanese, Nederlands, Polski, Portugese, Russian, Slovenia, SV, ZH.

You can open upto six tabs at the same time, efficiently navigating through them as and when needed, switch between the Landscape and Portrait mode while enabling Full screen option, view your browsing history, mark desired articles as favorites and open when as frequently as required and lots more.

Available at $0.99, WikiRama v1.1 also has a trial version and can be downloaded from the Marketplace.

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