Shutdown your computer at night and help light up Empire State

Do you turn off the computer when you are done for the day? Great if you replied yes but if you aren’t in the habit of shutting down the computer at the end of the work day, you aren’t just wasting money but the laziness on your part is making an impact on the environment as well.

power to change

From a report:

If all of the PCs in the world are powered down for just one night, this alone would save enough energy to light up the Empire State Building for more than 30 years. If 100 users remembered to turn off their computers at the end of their work day, this could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by an amount equivalent to taking 2.14 cars off the road in a month.

Widget to remind you to shutdown you computer & save power

Check out this desktop widget from HP’s Power To Change website. It quietly sits in the system tray and monitors your system usage like how frequently you turn off the computer and how long does the computer stay idle after working hours. Details here.

The widget then tries to estimate the amount of energy you may have saved by turning off the computer. It also includes a handy timer that will remind you to power off the computer one hour before the end of the work day.

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