“Why Microsoft” website compares Microsoft software & services with its competition

Organizations of all sizes and types often rely on Microsoft and its products to get their job done. Most companies believe the software manufacturer’s products are easy to learn, manage and can be mastered without additional training. Moreover, its 24/7 IT-level support is ready to provide help in case, you run into a problem. Why Microsoft website by comparing Microsoft software and services with its competition highlights the very point.

Wy Microsoft

‘Why Microsoft’ compares Microsoft software & services with its competition

The website argues that for any product to be considered as best for a company, it’s extremely essential to consider the total cost, including the acquisition, management, and deployment cost of the product, as well as the risks and benefits of software alternatives that can be used in its place.

For instance, if you’re considering OpenOffice, be sure to count the cost of free. Compare it simply with Microsoft Office and you’ll certainly learn that Microsoft gives the people the right tools they need to get their work done in the most efficient manner possible. Let’s see how.

OpenOffice from the first appearance looks outdated and cumbersome. Basically, it lacks a modern and intuitive user experience. Microsoft’s Office on the other hand, boasts Familiar and intuitive user interface that looks complete with full range of features and functionality. Open Office fails to deliver the collaboration features and anywhere access. In a way, it restricts how the work gets done. Unlike this, Microsoft Office is capable of offering access on the go and delivers the best experience across PC, phone, and browser so people can work in the style that suits them better.

Let that be apart, even Google apps are not comparable to Microsoft applications & programs, says Microsoft. Why? Many experimental features are often bundled in Google Apps that increase the complexity and require management change and training. So, it an ever changing solution! Also, when your business requires some sort of assistance, Google Apps support falls short of delivering the kind and level of support you demand. Microsoft capitalizes here. It can deliver the right set of tools for the right users—all with appropriate layers of security and compliance technologies. Even better, Microsoft Online offers a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee with a financially backed SLA.

On another note, Google apps are limited and incomplete in functionality. Google Apps aren’t familiar to most information workers. For example, Google Docs use leads to frustration among a handful of service users. The formatting options aren’t good or satisfactory while, documents formatted in Office are commonly accepted inside and outside your organization. Office documents are commonly accepted inside and outside your organization.

To see how ‘Why Microsoft’ compares Microsoft products with its competitors, visit the website.

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