WhatsApp for Windows PC is what we’ve always wanted

WhatsApp is one of those apps almost everyone with a smartphone has installed. It is probably the most used messenger apps available today, and for several good reasons. The app has always been exclusive to mobile, not counting the web version that can be used through any web browser.

But that has changed, the app can now be downloaded to the Windows desktop and from what we have come to learn from our extensive use, WhatsApp on the desktop works great. When it comes down to sending and receiving messages, there’s not much difference when compared to WhosDown or other third-party services.

WhatsApp for Windows PC

Still, what’s important here is the fact that we no longer have to use third-party apps because it is very much possible for developers to collect data without the user’s knowledge, and as such, we’d rather put our trust in the 1st party developers.

How does WhatsApp for Windows PC work?

It’s easy to be honest, seriously, as easy as eating pie. Just download the app from the link right here, then install. There’s a cool installation animation that we like, we took a screenshot for you to see what it looks like. Nothing special, we just like the way it moves as we sat there waiting with baited breath for WhatsApp to install.

WhatsApp PC

Once the installation is complete, users should see the regular option to connect their smartphones to get everything up and running. Follow the instructions on-screen for your respective platform to scan the QR code in order to use WhatsApp for Windows PC.

Once in, it should be easy to get around, but we need to talk about the menu bar for a little bit. This option in its current form is not found in third-party programs. From the menu bar, users can create a new chat, new group, and even archive entire chats. Furthermore, should this not be an issue, users can choose whether or not to get beta updates to be on the cutting edge of WhatsApp technology.

Overall, we enjoyed using WhatsApp for Windows PC, and we encourage folks to abandon third-party offerings for the official app, mainly for security reasons and the fact that the official version will be better managed and supported.

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