How to control WhatsApp Spam

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  1. Can anyone help? My googlemail is automatically sending whatsapp messages on imail to people in my contact list, how can I stop this?

  2. > If you have any ideas to deal with Whatsapp spam, please share with us.
    Yes, I have. Just add an easy option to Watsapp: “Receive messages from my contact list only”.

  3. Delete the app. Use Skype or FB Messenger… they are better than WhatsApp on this type of thing, because you can block strangers from sending you anything than a request to be a friend once…

  4. Do not use full justification on bodies of text. It tires the eyes and looks unprofessional with all the “rivers” it creates.

  5. Yes, I want to receive messages from my contact list only or group chats. Other than that they need to first send an authorization request to receive message, before I can receive any message from these.
    Please STOP all spam. Whatsapp is so lame in fighting spam.

  6. When you start out with very unconvincing claims that you immediately contradict it is very hard to find your advice credible: “It has literally killed Short Message Services (the SMS) as the features that come with Whatsapp, allow you to pick up a cool background, backup the conversations and more. In short, Whatsapp is speedily replacing SMS as form of texting. ”

    If it wasn’t for email SPAM I wouldn’t have even known about this app. Surely the best advice here is not to use Whatsapp at all and depend on the better security of SMS? Once again a newer product is released that offers a nice background but completely inferior service on what should be the basics. If computer products were cars they would be sold without wheels.

  7. Please speak for yourself.

    Full justification is much easier to read. Right geometry of object (text block) requires less work for eye to process it.
    In fact, brain needs less energy for harmony perception.
    It directly brings us to: “Simplicity is Genius”

    Everything else is trends, they change all the time.

  8. Ever since Facebook brought Whatsapp I’ve been receiving spam messages. I bet Facebook sold my number to advertising companies.

  9. If you are tired of deleting the junk images and videos that keep coming on Whatsapp, here’s an app which can save your hours and hours –

    Magic Cleaner –

    It automatically finds all the junk images, and you can delete them in 1 tap.

  10. Can I get a help?can I get back the chat, messages and photos of a report spam block contact after unblocking the number?

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