What’s new in Windows Live Writer 2011, since Beta Refresh


  1. I wish there’s an update for WLW for XP OS
    and i think attaching images in WLW is sometimes buggy,
    i get 500 enternal error most of the time, all i have to do to make it work is,
    I resize the image a bit in WLM, after that when its publish it works, no more 500 error…
    i call it buggy because sometimes no problem in publishing articles w/ images. (images i attached is smaller width than width in my theme)…
    maybe you know some workarounds with this? (without using the ftp recommendation in WLM)

  2. Nice detailed write up, I found that WLW 2011 is a bit slower to edit the metadata than older version due to everything limited to top ribbon bar, did you happen to come across anyway for Live Writer to support “Featured Image” in a WordPress blog yet, this would be a most valuable feature and what WLW is lacking.

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