What’s new in Windows Live Writer 2011, since Beta Refresh

As we have seen, the final version of Windows Live Essentials 2011 was made available few days back. And Windows Live Writer is one of the popular apps in the Essentials suite. Let us see what are the new features added since the beta refresh in this final version.


Support for Multi-language UI :

Just like in Office and Windows where one can easily switch the UI language, now the Windows Live Essentials 2011 also supports MUI. This is not specific to Writer though as its supported across the suite. Thus Windows Live Writer now supports more than 40 languages  as of today. This means that by installing the MUI you get the spell checker for that language. From Control Panel , now you have Windows Live Language Setting option.


We had earlier posted in details about how to switch languages in Windows Live Essentials, please check here for the steps.

Better support for Japanese IME :

IME was broken for those typing with a Japanese keyboard and using the IME while those using a QWERTY keyboard , IME was working fine. This was an issue since earlier versions and now Japanese users will be happy to use Windows Live Writer and IME on their Japanese keyboards.

Improved SEO :

There was an issue with Live Writer 2009 where on upload to blog servers like WordPress, Writer would change those image file names which had hyphen or dash as part of the file name by stripping those characters out. Like, a file called Feature_Image-1.jpg would become FeatureImage1.jpg. This was not desirable for those who wanted to take advantage of SEO by indexing the file names by web crawlers so that it would later appear in Search results list. This has been corrected in Windows Live Writer 2011.

Aspect ratio for images works again :

In the beta version, if you resized an image with aspect ratio turned on, the setting was not working. This has been fixed in the final ver.


Aspect ratio support for Videos :

Now you can have your video formatted in 16:9 or 4:3 when you publish it .


Improved encoding support :

Mostly people are using UTF-8 for their blog serving needs, there are still users that prefer a specific encoding for their blog.  This has been improved upon and users of ISO-8859-1 encoding should see improvements over the Beta.

“No” tags are stripped from Web Preview now :

In the beta build, the web preview would also show whatever was included in say a <noscript> tag. Page would act as if something like j-script was not installed. Blogging on SharePoint 2010 showed this, which looked confusing as it looked like there was a problem with the page. Windows Live Writer 2011 added stronger security by not running the script from inside of Writer. Now “no” tags like <noscript> or <noframes> are stripped from Web Preview.

Text editor Improvements :

Earlier in some cases like, after copying an image from Microsoft Word and pasting in Live Writer, image formatting was lost in Live Writer. Now this has been improved upon. Photo Albums are made even more robust on upload to SkyDrive.

Specific blog servers support Improvements

  • Live Writer has better support for configuring and using Squarespace blogs
  • For TypePad publishing with a future date is now supported
  • For French users, configuring a blog with Overblog is made easier
  • Split post (jump break) support has been added for Blogger


  • Server side tags are no longer returned as Keywords on Telligent Community Server – this should make Microsoft employees happy who post to Technet or MSDN
  • More work in blog theme detection focusing on WordPress and Blogger.  Also fixing blog title font size issues with specific themes.
  • Photo albums look better with the new Blogger theme templates introduced in the last year or so.
  • As Microsoft partnering with WordPress in migrating its Spaces blogs to WordPress, WordPress.com is now the default for creating new blogs via Live Writer.

Sourced from: Aaron’s Live Writer Blog.

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  1. I wish there’s an update for WLW for XP OS
    and i think attaching images in WLW is sometimes buggy,
    i get 500 enternal error most of the time, all i have to do to make it work is,
    I resize the image a bit in WLM, after that when its publish it works, no more 500 error…
    i call it buggy because sometimes no problem in publishing articles w/ images. (images i attached is smaller width than width in my theme)…
    maybe you know some workarounds with this? (without using the ftp recommendation in WLM)

  2. Nice detailed write up, I found that WLW 2011 is a bit slower to edit the metadata than older version due to everything limited to top ribbon bar, did you happen to come across anyway for Live Writer to support “Featured Image” in a WordPress blog yet, this would be a most valuable feature and what WLW is lacking.

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