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What Microsoft wants the PC market to look like – Microsoft outlines its expectations

Microsoft had recently held the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) in China last December and in accordance to which they have released a video that highlights how Microsoft wants the PC market to look like. Well, this actually doesn’t come as a surprise since Microsoft has already showcased futuristic technologies including Hello and Ink. Microsoft wants its modern PC’s known for bringing cool designs, associated with better performance and new experiences.

Microsoft has also highlighted a rather interesting fact. 600 million Windows devices in use are more than four-year-old and owing to the age most of them are either running on Windows 7 or Windows 8. These are the very 600 million users that Microsoft wants to be onboard the Windows 10 by making them upgrade to a new PC. Again practically speaking this might not be that easy at all since most to the users in developing countries cannot afford to upgrade their machines regularly, instead, they use it till its broken beyond repair.

It goes without saying that Microsoft wants to see a lot of 2-in-1 and ultrabooks also on the hardware front they would prefer FHD IPS or better displays, precision touchpads and maybe some OEM innovations like bezel-less displays. Now in the next part, Microsoft has labeled its most innovative features as “hero features” and has been emphasizing on the same to achieve better sales.

The best part is that every year Microsoft will be focussing on each of the hero features for a certain period of the year, for instance last holiday season Microsoft emphasised on the Windows Ink in its promotion and now until march it will focus on the Windows Hello and security while from April to June Cortana will steal the limelight.

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Below are the types of PC’s Microsoft is envisaging for the near future

It sure looks like the PC market could be in for a major overhaul!