What is the Single-use Code in the new Hotmail?


  1. Thanks for the share. This is interesting. I completely agree that it will prevent it from being stolen by key loggers and other malware.

  2. Thanks.This might come in handy when using public places.
    Did you use Snagit 10 for this tutorial
    -I love them torn edges 🙂

  3. Why not just check your email on your cellphone?
    I’m confused by this single use code. How does one send themselves the message? Don’t you have to be sitting at a computer and signing into your account to send yourself the message with the single use code so you can close your account and sign back in with the single use code….Obviously I’m missing something here in the explanation. I thought passwords were supposed to be the line of defense and clearing the caches and the browsers is also good advice.

  4. My mobile phone line has been cut and my e mail account has been closed because somebody else used it to send spam. What the hell can I do?

  5. How do I get a code if I have no mobile number or secondary email account added to my primary windows live id account?

  6. i need my e mail back and it has been stolen it is rayabmw@hotmail.com and my password was 19555raya now it is more than 4 months i cant get it back it is asking me single code which i dont have

  7. To aquire a single user code you give away your cell phone number. This is a method of finding your whereabouts 24/7 (when its switched on of course)

    You should consider this fact before requesting a code, very convenient as it is.

  8. I don’t give a living xxxx of a care what a single use code is. I know what it is & how to use it. I don’ t want to be all day xxxxing around with them getting the page up that provides that choice.

  9. how do I get the extra security code I have only today left to get it beore you freeze my account I’m desperate with worry??

  10. Well, I won’t be using hotmail anymore because they require I enter personal information (my phone number). I don’t care about my hotmail account as much as I care about the privacy of my phone number. Why the hell would I put my phone number into some requested information when hotmail makes me no guarantee that my number will not be sold to someone who will then add my number to a list so every douche in the world can call me 10 times a day? Hell, that is why I got rid of my land line.

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