What is Andromeda OS & how will it help Microsoft make Windows 10 modular

Apple already has a dominant share in smartphone market. It’s beginning to make inroads further with the launch of iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Samsung, on the other hand, is staging a comeback with its new flagship phone Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The battle between the two giants could, however, turn into a triumvirate competition if the highly anticipated Surface Phone arrive next year. Reports claim it is already being internally tested with the newly developed Microsoft OS, the Andromeda.

Andromeda OS

Andromeda transforms Windows 10 into a cross-platform OS

Andromeda is a mobile-focused operating system that intends to make Windows 10 an entirely modular system.

It was realized that instead of running multiple variants of Windows 10 that have the same set of core features but are still different, for example, Windows 10 Mobile or Windows 10 IoT Core, there should be a single version of the OS consisting of components which are fully modular.

In layman’s terms, the sole objective was to make Windows 10 much more flexible, allowing it to be installed on a wider variety of devices without being based on specific, pre-existing product variants so that if required, the OS can be stripped off any unwanted components and features; thereby speeding up the overall performance of smaller or less capable devices.

Currently, if any Original Equipment Manager wants to make a device running Windows, it has to make a choice from existing number of pre-defined variants of Windows 10 that Microsoft has already built like,

And others. This becomes a limiting factor for OEMs. Andromeda will remove this shortcoming by allowing them to readily pick features and functions from each for their devices. This will help Redmond giant explore new avenues and open the door to many new configurations of Windows that previously were unacceptable.

Surface Phone will not be the only phone to pack the expected new Microsoft mobile OS. Other popular brands of smartphones, such as Lenovo, Dell, and HP, are likely to launch their own line of mobile devices with the said OS.

If things materialize, Microsoft could realize its One Windows vision that aims to turn Windows 10 into a fully modular platform and lay the foundation for the future of Windows.

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