What does your Windows desktop have to say about you?

Want to know what your Windows Desktop has to say about your personality? Check out this interesting analysis at MSN. The article examines 10 possible desktop scenarios and tries to profile the user. 


1. Desktop with many rows of icons: Reflects a person who needs everything to hand, likes to feel in control and on top of their life, while at the same time revealing a tendency to be slightly disorganised. Rows of icons suggest diverse interests and commitments, or perhaps a difficulty in paring things down!


2. Even icons on each side: The owner values balance and proportion and tend to keep a cool head in tricky situations. Likely to be organised and dislike clutter. This imagery reveals a good “lateral thinker” who can make connections between groups of ideas, and the subdivision of one idea into its component parts.


3. Trophy photos as wallpaper: Choosing pictures of past successes can sometimes suggest a big ego and someone who glories in their past successes. This desktop is meant to be seen by others passing by, thereby indirectly gaining kudos for its desktop owner. This person would be ambitious, image-conscious, competitive and hardworking towards personal goals.


4. Plain default wallpaper: This suggests the kind of person who likes to keep their personal lives private. This desktop owner uses the solid background as a way to create an illusion of space to aid their concentration. For some people creating a background for a work computer would be too revealing; they would perhaps save their background ideas for their own personal computer.


5. Desktop with icons strewn across the screen: The owner is disorganised and tends to lose focus easily. Some rows have gaps in the middle or at the end, perhaps where icons were moved or deleted. This approach suggests a degree of creative frustration on the desktop owner’s part, as well as a desire to play by their own rules.

It also examines cases where Personal photos as wallpaper, Escapist desktop and more; a total of 10! 

Read the full article at MSN.

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