What Are EMV Cards: Chip & Pin and Chip & Signature Cards

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  1. Please hold a decent tone in here.

    This article is relevant in here, and therefore not “spam”
    And you have clearly not read the article you refer to, or do not understand the “sensational tone” in that article.

    It is not possible to compromise the chip-n-pin are still secure, you have to use the four digit pin code. And therefore are this part more secure than the magnetic strip.
    I won’t start a long discussion in here, but please read the comments to the article you are linking to, and you will see many of the comments

    And finally: Kim Zettler had to make this correction on his article.
    Update 11.5.14: To add statement from Visa and to emphasize that the flaw appears only in the contactless feature of the cards.

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