WeVideo: A cloud-based application to create and edit videos online

Are you looking for a website or a web application to edit your videos online? WeVideo is a fully featured free video editing software that manages certain video editing tasks online. Editing video in the cloud was never an easy task – but this now changes! WeVideo is a simple video editing tool which is easily accessible to everyone. You don’t even need to worry about saving your progress.

WeVideo Editing

By using WeVideo, you can easily import your photos and videos online. You can even create your own storylines, and edit all of your stuff directly in the cloud. There is no need to download any third-party software. WeVideo will be directly integrate with Google Drive. You can easily manage all of your data in the cloud storage. This application will bundle all your video editing stuff in the browser.

Free online video editor

WeVideo is an online platform to create videos in the cloud. You can connect your video editing stuff with your own camera device. You can even share your creation with your friends on different social media platforms. As we said earlier, you don’t need to worry about downloading different software, because each an every single feature is accessible online.

WeVideo will easily integrate with your Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Google Drive, and Dropbox accounts and let you import your photos and videos. Its optional storyboard editing mode allows you to edit your videos in quick and efficient way. There are dozens of creative themes are available to spice-up your videos, as well as your creation.

WeVideo will create a folder called “WeVideo_folder_your-email-address” in your Google Drive storage directory. This folder will contain a list of the WeVideo projects you have created and published. You can share your project directly to your Google+ circles. As it is purely web-based, you can try out its super simple video editor on YouTube and Chrome.

WeVideo Editing

Features of WeVideo:

  • Import your photos and video clips from your different social media accounts. Drag and drop your contents in any order you want. This will help you to organize your contents.
  • You can trim your video clips to focus on some key moments. Even you can split your long videos, and cut them down into smaller ones. It brings up the power of video making.
  • Add text, effects, music, and graphics to your videos. There are 100+ royalty-free effects & audio clips are available. Even there are dozens of creative themes are available.
  • Publish your videos directly to YouTube, Google Drive, Facebook, and Twitter. You can even filter your content’s visibility by choosing options like “private or public”.

Head over to the WeVideo website to start creating and your videos online.

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