All websites must move to HTTPS: Here’s the reasons why

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  1. ReadandShare

    TWC is not on HTTPS. I am sure it would cost more to do so. Question is: do we really need TWC to incur the extra cost just to read articles and respond from time to time? No.

    Rather than the shrill of “all or none”, I think judgment is required here. Emails, banks, social websites… sure HTTPS. General interest websites? No. And for those who live in repressive societies? One would hope they use VPN when visiting sensitive sites (including news sites), so the presence or absence of HTTPS general-interest websites would not be an issue for them.

  2. Hidden Manna

    I tend to agree. I run a website where the static text and info is on http whereas the purchase page is https. I do not see the need to have traffic to and from the info pages encrypted. Https doesn’t hide the fact anyone is visiting a website, just hides what one does on the website. For static pages there’s no need.

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