Webroot System Analyzer: Detect & analyze Windows problems

Webroot System Analyzer is a part of the Webroot SecureAnywhere suite, but it is available as a free download from the Webroot website or major download sites. This simple utility scans for threats, security vulnerabilities, and other computer problems.

Webroot System Analyzer  is a good tool to get run a basic health check on your Windows PC. It will list potential problems but will not give you any details on how to go about fixing them. Nevertheless, it may work checking and seeing if it identifies and problems on your Windows computer.

Webroot System Analyzer

Webroot System Analyzer is a portable tool and once you have downloaded it, you can directly run it by clicking on Agree and Begin Analysis.

Webroot System Analyzer 1

The scan takes less than a couple of minutes and checks various items like

Webroot System Analyzer 2

Once the scan is completed, the tool will display a report that describes vulnerabilities & other issues if found. It also provides recommendations about enhancements that can increase system performance, privacy, and protection. Apparently it detected a lot of fragmented files on my Windows 8 PC. It felt that my 2GB Graphics RAM (apart from the 8GB RAM) was low. It also detected possible memory leaks in two of my processes – wlmail.exe of Windows Live Mail and avp.exe of my Kaspersky. Cookies are a part of Internet life – and I at least choose to ignore them. The tool will also rate your system – I received a score of 72!

Webroot System Analyzer 3

Clicking on Click advanced details will show you details about its findings.

Webroot System Analyzer 4

If you need more details click on View report summary. The full report will open in Notepad, which will give you all the details you need about the scan.

Webroot System Analyzer 5

To save the report to your Desktop, click Save. Otherwise, click Close to exit from the report.

The results of this program may well confuse some Windows users, but if you are an advanced user this tool would help you identify and troubleshoot potential issues.

Webroot System Analyzer free download

You can download Webroot System Analyzer from here.

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of TheWindowsClub.com, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. All these ideas look good however the adverts ( I can understand why they are there ) must be confusing to new users even older users of computers which is a shame. They still confuse me at times. The Webroot in particular is filled with them.

  2. Dan

    Just downloaded to a USB, ran directly from there on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit; told me score was 94/100 after about 1 minute, due to “underpowered CPU” and possible “handle leak” from Zemana Antilogger; I’ve encountered NO ads at least in this 64 bit version.

  3. Hi Buck, I did not see any ads in this tool.

  4. Hi Anand it was getting to the tool where the confusing lay but have removed the comment

  5. George Melendez Correa

    Hi friends,
    Just ran Webroot and just took under a minute to do it’s job. The score was 98 and mentioned that I had a “handle leak”. It is kind of handy but lacks more info. I did discover where Webroot saves it’s detailed info file and does so in “program data” so if any of you guys are looking for the files you know where to find them. My OS WINS 7-64 SP1 Home Premium.

  6. I suppose it is the same Full report / SysAnalyzerLog text file (mentioned above) which opens when you click on View report summary… am I correct?

  7. Dan

    Ahhh…but checking Zemana site, I found they’d had a new version; uninstalled old version, installed new version, ran Webroot again…still says “underpowered CPU”, but now reports no handle leak(s) AND rating 99/100! The report Webroot generates on my unit is just an HTML page reiterating what the scanner result GUI shows; I can only guess, in absence of ANY details other than brief report, that “underpowered CPU” means that Intel 4500/AMD 64 dual-core is taken by Webroot as “geezer aided by iron lung”, especially since they don’t support multithreading in today’s computer world. Still, Webroot was right to at least get me checking into cause of “handle leaks” (before updating Zemana, it did appear old version had trouble with cleanup codes releasing once tasks were completed).

    Mr. Correa is correct; details are reported to Program Data file “WRData”; in there, Webroot still doesn’t bluntly state why “CPU underpowered”, but gives enough about its specs to estimate “why”. For me, this is a neat, small app to add to my diagnostic utilities.

  8. George Melendez Correa

    Hi Anand,
    Yes, you are correct about that. It’s the Full Report and, as a matter of fact, both reports are stored there and is under Program Data file WRData . Thanks for replying to my comment and keep up the GOOD WORK…. Bye for now…..

  9. Wilson Tam

    This tool doesn’t require any installation 🙂

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