Weblock for Kids: A browser with parental control features

Earlier, we covered Qustodio, a free parental guidance and control program for Windows 7. The program helped parents to monitor their child’s online activities, their participation in social networks, chat programs and their surfing behavior. Similar to it, we have one more application, Weblock for Kids which allows browsing only approved websites by parents.

WebLock for Kids is a tool, parents can use to avoid their child’s exposure to the dangerous side of the Internet. It has the ability to customize your child’s homepage with included artwork, defined colors or images and apply browsing restrictions at the same time. To make this application really serve its purpose, you may have to password protect the use of Internet Explorer or any of your other browsers and allow your kids the use of Weblock only.

It is available for both, Windows, Linux and Mac OS and is compatible with all the web browsers.

The tool provides a safe environment as soon as the computer is turned on. Weblock for Kids allows you to create a custom list wherein you can add allowed websites using ‘Add a Website’ option. Similarly, one can add or remove filtered websites by gaining access to ‘Manage Websites’.

Once all the settings are done, the program displays websites on the homepage with the large thumbnails.  This makes it easier for a child to find his favorite websites. Now, if you would like to block unwanted websites i.e. other than the ones added to the home page, switch to ‘Enter Kid Mode. This limits the browsing sessions and ensures that your child is safe and is not misusing his internet privileges. Also, via this tool, access to any advertisement is prevented and many are blocked completely using a built-in list of ad servers.

Weblock for Kids features:

  • Allows browsing only on websites that are approved by parents
  • Large icons on the homepage allows your child to easily find the links to the favorite websites
  • Customizes your child’s homepage with the included artwork, custom colors or your own images
  • Includes ‘Kid Mode’ which allows easy browsing with three simple commands: Back, Forward and Home
  • Runs as a Kiosk application to prevent access to your computer and other programs
  • Allows creating multiple profiles with separate websites, homepage and settings for each child.

Weblock not a parental guidance software but a browser with parental control features. Rather than being a parental control application for your children, Weblock for Kids behaves as a custom browser with imposed restrictions. It will just fine on your Windows 7 too.

You can download Weblock for Kids from at weblockforkids.com. But do note that this freeware will offer to change your home page to Yahoo. You may want to uncheck the option. After clicking “Accept” you will also be offered additional software provided by their partners.  All offers are optional however. It will try to download 4-5 other application/shortcuts like Rewards Arcade, Flip Toast, Club Penguin, etc. Select Cancel to stop their downloading.

How to setup, configure and use the Parental Controls and how to install advanced features such as Web filtering, activity reports etc using Parental Controls in Windows 7 may also interest you.

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