We will donate one days website earnings to help the people of Japan

The tragedy that has befallen the Japanese people cannot fail to move us. First the Tsunami and the Earthquake followed by the fear of Nuclear radiation! Whats compounded the issue is that snow fall in certain areas, has made access  almost impossible!

Till yesterday we were seeing images on the destruction which Japan had faced, the worst ever since the Fat Man was dropped on Japan in 1945!

In this context, I had commented just a few days back in our forums saying that the pictures we were seeing to-date were just the brick-and-mortar pictures. They have been horrific, yes! But once the human stories start filtering out, only then will the true magnitude of the tragedy unfold!

And that is what is happening now! So many lives lost, so many loved ones gone … or missing!

This has spurred us to do something. I have decided to donate one days earnings from this website, to the people of Japan. It is not important what the amount is. What is important is that we all, each one of us, extend our helping hand in these times of distress. It is Japan today, could be you or me tomorrow!

Microsoft, Google and several others have business houses have launched their Disaster Response initiatives, to aid government efforts.

You too could do your little bit!

Try donating and see how it feels! The feeling that you have helped a human in his time of need is something which just cannot be described, only experienced! I repeat, it is not important how much you donate. It all depends on you. It could even be $10. What is important that you extend a helping hand!

People are homeless, hungry and scared. And they need support!

You could make a donation at American Red Cross or Japanese Red Cross or at any other other charitable organization of your choice.

You owe to yourself! We owe it to humanity!

The purpose of this blog post is to try and spur you into action! If I succeed in convincing even a few of you to donate, I will be a happy man.

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