We have donated to the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund. You too can make a difference!

On Saturday morning a deadly earthquake struck Nepal. The horror was followed by multitude of aftershocks that continued doing more damage to the already devastated Nepal’s infrastructure and people. The aftershocks continued late into the Sunday too – extending to parts of India too. The death toll has passed 3000.


Nepal Earthquake Aid

It is estimated that the quake has effected eight million people – in one way or the other. While the total loss is yet to be estimated, the country needs as much as help as people can provide.

India is helping by way of monetary aid as well as actual physical support. Other countries too have committed aid packages. The United States has committed $10 million for response and recovery efforts. UK announced a £5 million aid package on Sunday. Canada plans to donate 5 million Canadian dollars to help with life-saving efforts. The European Commission has announced €3 million in immediate aid money.

Microsoft and Google have committed $1 million each. These are just two of the many corporates who have pledged support.

The Windows Club has decided to make a small donation

Out of the earnings on this website, The Windows Club has decided to donate money. I have today morning donated an identical amount – the same that was donated by us to the Japan Tsunami Fund a few years back, into the bank account of the Embassy of Nepal.

You too could do your little bit!

Here is what you could do

Try donating and see how it feels! The feeling that you have helped a human in his time of need is something which just cannot be described, only experienced! See how your family reacts after you tell them that you have made a donation! They sure are going to feel proud of you!

I repeat, it is not important how much you donate. What matters is that you do! It could even be $10, the price of a single meal. What is important that you extended a helping hand!

People are homeless, hungry and scared. And they need support!

Make a difference – Make a donation

Nepal Crisis Relief

You can donate money to the special account set up by Nepal Embassy in India. Or you may also donate to a charity you trust and know is working for rehabilitation of Nepal. RedCross.org, DirectRelief.org, InternationalMedicalCorps.org, WorldVision.org, UNICEF are some who are engaged in Nepal’s relief work.

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