Innovative ways to use your Old Lumia Phone instead of disposing it

If you are the user of Lumia Windows Phone and bought a new one, do not sell your old Lumia. Rather than that, make the best use of it in many different ways. You can use it as a music player, GPS tracker and many more and I will let you know few of the ways to use your old Lumia Phone.

Make use your Old Lumia Phone

Here are some innovative ways to use your old Lumia phone by giving it life again.

1. Back-up phone

Lumia Phones are known for their stand by time. They can be working condition for almost 23 days at full charge. You can use your old Lumia Phone to save your backup data and for emergency calls which does not even require an active SIM. Use your old Lumia as a backup device.

2. Alarm Clock

You can turn your old Lumia phone in to Alarm Clock. Install apps like Realarm for Windows which can be controlled by voice and which has many features. You can also install various alarm clock apps which have themes and can turn your old Lumia phone in to smart clock.

3. Navigational Device

Turn your old Lumia phone to a navigational device by installing HERE Maps. It works well even in offline and you carry your Lumia phone wherever you go, so that you can reach your destination easily in time. If you are going by car, you can fix Lumia phone permanently in your car and get the right directions.

old lumia phone as navigational device

4. Portable Media Player

Lumia phones are also well known for playing audios and videos. Make use of the internal memory of your old Lumia phone and upload all songs and videos which you have. If you have loud speakers, connect them to your Lumia and you can enjoy the music.

old lumia phone as music player

5. Gaming Device

If you are interested to play high definition games or your kids are using your mobile to play games, now you can use your old Lumia phone for this purpose. Install the games which you are interested in and enjoy the gaming experience. Now, your old Lumia has turned out to a gaming device.

old lumia phone as gaming device

6. E-reader

If you are fond of reading novels, you can make the use of bright screen of Lumia to read novels. Install eBook reader apps in your old Lumia phone and enjoy reading your favorite novels by flipping pages on the screen.

old lumia phone as ebook reader

7. Surveillance Camera

Turn your old Lumia phone in to a personal security device. Use Lumia to detect the movements or noises around your house or office by installing the apps which uses built-in camera. You can even keep an eye of your kids by turning your old Lumia phone in to a Surveillance device.

8. Thermostat Controller

Lumia Phone can control your Thermostat to cut down your heating bills. Install apps like tado or ecobee remote to control Thermostat of your home. You can get the updated temperature on hourly basis and can be in charge of your home.

9. Wi-Fi Hotspot

By enabling the Wi-Fi tethering in your old Lumia phone, you can share the internet with all your smart devices like Laptop, Tablet and other mobiles. You can just have the internet plan for your old Lumia mobile and do not need any internet plan for any device.

10. Child’s Toy

Install some educational apps and games in your old Lumia and present it to your child as a gift. There are even more fun apps and fantastic apps available in Windows Phone Store which will be useful for kids.

How do you make use of your old Lumia phone?

Source: Lumia Conversations.

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