Share your PowerPoint presentations using Handouts or as PDF files

Well, I have been talking for quite a some time now on making your presentations better but I always thought that I missed something and that something was “How to share your PowerPoint presentations“. You put strenuous efforts in making it look professional and make a wonderful presentation, but what is the use if you can’t reach to your audience and connect to them well? So this article is for all my hard-working friends, who find it difficult to share their presentations. It will help you in while you are in the middle of presentations, as well as after the presentation.

Share PowerPoint presentation

The four ways are as follows:

  1. Create Handouts
  2. Create PDF
  3. Create video
  4. Create package for CD.

I will discuss the first two in this post, and the last two in the next post.

  •  Create Handouts: Of course, I am not talking about hand-made handouts. To create them in Microsoft Word just open your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint and click on Save & Send option then on Create Handouts.

After clicking on Create Handouts a window will pop out asking you to choose notes and pasting options.
After clicking on Ok button, a Microsoft Word file will open having all the slides along with the notes with it.
Now the question is what to do with them. Well these handouts aren’t meant for sending as attachment to the people over the internet. These are meant for giving the audience who are sitting at the back and who might have some problem in seeing you from the back.
You can distribute the summary of the presentation in the form of Handout. It will help the listeners to recall later, what you said and will surely help in branding yourself.
  • Create PDF/XPS document. This is perhaps the most widely trick. I find a lot of people using converters for converting their presentations in .PDF extension, so that they can carry it on their mobile phones. Since it is easily readable on many gadgets, notebooks, laptops and other PDAs it is advisable to have your presentation copy in .PDF. To create PDF file, open your presentation and click on Save & Send tab and then on Create PDF/XPS document.


Click on Create PDF/XPS and then the window will appear.
Finally you will have a PDF version of your presentation. Now you can send it via email. You can also upload it as Office Docs or on Slide Share which will increase your reach.

Next, I will show you how to share PPT presentations as Video or Package presentations for CD.

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