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Here we are again guys, looking at another wallpaper app for your precious Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 devices. This app is called Wallpaper for Windows, and it can only be found in the Windows Store, so folks running Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 are out of luck here. The app, from our experience, is pretty straight forward with what it brings to the table. It’s free, but not entirely free, and we’ll get down to that in a moment.

Wallpapers for Windows 10

Wallpaper for Windows app

From the name alone it is clear the main purpose of this app is to provide the latest HD wallpapers for Windows computers. Each image is of high quality, so they will look great on your computer or tablet device. The gallery is quite large, but, unfortunately, users will have to pay up to gain access to premium content.

While the app is indeed free, the developers have to make money, so expect a few ads here and there.

The Pros:

Alright, so I’ve been using Wallpapers for Windows for quite some time, and, to be honest, it’s not bad. The design is simple to use, and the buttons are huge, which means people on a touchscreen computer should feel right at home with this thing.

On the main menu, users have several options to choose from here. They can elect to view the top wallpapers, new ones, random, and wallpaper of the day. There are also options to favorite a wallpaper and have it placed in the Favorite folder. Users can also create albums and put the best images within them.

Once an album is created and populated with wallpapers, the user can choose to have those images be placed on the lock screen. They all do not go at once but change over time.

There are several categories to choose from also, and all of them have exciting wallpapers to get folks interested.

The Cons:

The Premium section does not work. When you click on it then try to gain access to one of the categories, an error comes up saying “No Internet Connection.” I tried restarting the app, but even after doing that, it still doesn’t work, so that’s a bust.

The placement of the advertisement on each page is poor. Huge space at the top yet the developer chose to place the add over the pictures. They need to look into that because we expect it might become a problem for touchscreen users.


Wallpaper for Windows is a decent enough app. You can download Wallpaper for Windows from the Windows Store.

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