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Voxer for Windows Phone 8 turns your Windows Phone into a Walkie Talkie

Voxer the popular messaging service in Windows Phone 8 devices is somewhat similar to other push-to-talk apps available on mobile devices but what makes it unique is its speed. Voxer works faster as compared to the other popular push-to-talk messaging services. Voxer is a communication app for Windows Phone 8 users allowing them to use push-to-talk walkie-talkie features. Voxer does not use up the minutes from your carrier and thus is a best suitable plan for those who don’t have unlimited voice plans activated on your number. All it counts is your data usage.

Voxer apart from being a push-to-talk app also allows you to send photos and voice clips and share location with regular messaging. Voxer brings Walkie-Talkie capabilities to the Windows Phone 8 smartphones and brings some new features as well. Users here can communicate live with one or more friends without making separate calls, chats or voice-mails. In other words this app puts users in instant communication with friends by turning their Windows Phone 8 Smartphones into real-time Walkie Talkie devices.

Like a few other free messaging apps, Voxer uses your phone number for account registration. It then access your phonebook contact lists and populate your friends list in Voxer. The app allows you to communicate with your friends easily and instantly. You can have a conversation with a single friend or with a group of friends.

Just a few basic information and you can start enjoying Voxer. You can also send invites to your contacts which are not yet using the app. Once you are started with Voxer, it is extremely simple to use.

To send audio message you just have to press the icon in the bottom and start speaking and leave it when you are done. Your audio message is sent immediately as you release the tab. The audio messages sent through Voxer are recorded and users can play them later. You can also send the message to your offline friends.

You can also click and send a picture to your friends or even share any picture from your gallery. The camera icon at the bottom opens the camera for you to click a picture and send it right-away to your friends.

Summarized features of Voxer in Windows Phone 8

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