Volume Concierge: Schedule and automatically control your computer’s volume

The Windows 7 Volume Mixer has the ability to control the sound levels of all the applications which call for audio support from the operating system and effectively lets you control the volume for each application separately.  Freeware apps like SndVolPlus and VoluMouse offer some additional features including controlling of the volume with the help of mouse.  


But if you are looking for a more ways to control your volume, you should try Volume Concierge. It is a small application that can schedule volume on your computer, per your settings.

This application is especially useful in situation, where you often find yourself being embarrassed with a loud computer volume in the times of presentation. Maybe you listened to music with a loud volume the earlier evening and forgot to bring the volume down before presentation. This app will let you schedule volume control and auto-change the volume as per your settings.

You have five options to consider before you set the rules. They are:

  •  The first you should be doing is clicking the ON/OFF switch on the extreme left.
  • Secondly you can choose the days you want Volume Concierge to work.
  • Then you have the time to set.
  • Next you have the volume strength setting option. You can drag the bar to set the volume strength.
  • Finally you have the option for removing the rules. Just click the remove button and then you get back your default system volume settings back.

Rather than having to remember to do this manually, you can turn to Volume Concierge to automatically adjust the volume of your computer based on the time of day. I think this absolutely fits in situation where you have sensitive neighbors and you have a habit of keeping system volume high. This also makes sure that no one is disturbed if the computer is used at night.

Volume Concierge is a 1.6 MB download for the Windows platform. It is a free application which hardly needs any efforts to set up – but free registration is required in order to use Volume Concierge.

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