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VLC App For Windows 10/8 Review

VLC is well known media player we all have used at some time or other. The reason behind its popularity is the features it provided. The included shortcuts let us control the media play in a very easy manner, plus the sound and video’s aspect ratio can be configured in different ways according to one’s need.

So if you’re like me and love this player, here is good news for you. The VLC player team has released the player’s modern app for Windows 8/10 users. So if you’re using Windows 10/8.1/8, you can head on to Windows Store to get the VLC For Windows Store app.

We found the app quite easy to use, but the shortcuts you’ve used with this desktop software aren’t applicable to this Modern app. This is the main downside of the app. The app allows you to play media directly from the removable drives which might be handy for you.

Here is what you’re getting inside this modern app:

VLC For Windows Store

The app is quite good as far as the video playback is concerned. If you compare this app with Windows 10/8‘s native Video app, there is nothing much in difference. The plus point for VLC app is that you can move to a specific point of media play more sharply. However, we can expect more options in the VLC app in future updates, like support for keyboard shortcuts to control the play, tweaking aspect size, automatic loading of subtitles etc.

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The music section for the app can be a good alternative, if you don’t like the built-in Music app. But for this section, sorry to the VLC guys, but I’ll still stick to the native Music app for playing music, because there is nothing extra which could draw me to use VLC app. Some nice visualizations could have been added in the background while playing music  to enhance this section.

While in native Video app, you can open any file using modern style file browser, VLC‘s app lets you to play only the content which are in your Libraries section. So you can’t play the custom location file. However, the app consists a section named External Storage, which you can use for directly playing the media from USB, DVD drives. Direct playing from media servers is also supported.

In the nutshell, VLC app could be a good alternative for you, if you do not like the built-in media apps on your Windows 10/8.

You can search for it on the Windows Store or click here.

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