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VideoLAN VLC 2.0 Twoflower for Windows Released

VLC Media Player, as we all know is a free media player encoder and streamer that supports many audio and video compression methods and file formats. It has the ability to read files from CDs, DVDs, network streams and capture cards.

The free for use multi- media player is an open-source program that works on essentially every popular platform (Windows, Mac and Linux) and is maintained by VLC development team, known as VideoLan Team. The team is composed of dedicated volunteers that develop and promote free, open-source multimedia solutions. It has now come up with a new version of their VLC media player – VLC 2.0.0, codenamed ‘Twoflower’.

VLC 2.0.0 Twoflower is a major new version of the popular VLC media player that integrates many user interface changes and small tweaks. Major highlights of the program are,

  1. Faster decoding on multi-core processors
  2. New video filters support to enhance your videos
  3. Better integration with OS X Lion
  4. GLSL shader support in the OpenGL output for color-space conversion
  5. Broadcom CrystalHD and Android OpenMAX hardware decoding support

VLC 2.0.0 Twoflower features:

VLC 2.0.0 Twoflower Improvements:

One great feature I liked about the new VLC media player is its preview mode. When you switch to playlist view while watching a video, you will observe a video thumbnail preview to the left side. Earlier versions simply displayed sample VLC cover art but VLC 2.0 displays the associated cover art, and if it doesn’t find one, it shows the live thumbnail preview of the video. Pretty awesome, as you can easily double-click on it to watch video in full-screen mode.

Also, it is important to mention here that the full screen view mode now includes docked video controller adjacent to volume control. It becomes active when a viewer moves mouse pointer for selecting the desired option

Other additions to the main interface is included in the form of following tabs

Compressor – For individuals who prefer using VLC as an audio player rather than video player, VLC Twoflower has added a new option ‘Compressor’ to tweak the equalizer settings. The option can be accessed by clicking on ‘Tools’ and chosing ‘Effects and Filters’ under it. The option when enabled lets you change RMS/Peak, Makeup gain, radius and other values.

Essential – Basic tab that in earlier versions was found under ‘Video Effects’ has been renamed as Essential. The retouched tab now includes 2 extra effects namely,

  1. Film Grain
  2. Banding Removal

Geometry – Here you will find controls for;

  1. Interactive Zoom
  2. Transform
  3. Rotate
  4. Wall
  5. Puzzle Game

Apart from this, many of the synchronization features and can be accessed via ‘Synchronization’ tab.

As mentioned, VLC 2.0.0 Twoflower is free and cross-platform. You can download it from here.