Vizio unveils premium range of all-in-one PC’s, putting iMac’s to shame

Till now Apple iMacs are considered to be the most tempting all-in-one desktop computers in the market because of its aluminum body with sleek design and smart styling. But now the market is witnessing, what some may want to call as “the iMac killer” … and the best Windows based all-in-one PC manufactured till now.

The innovatively designed AIO has been developed by the No.1 big screen TVs manufacturer of US, Vizio, which is now looking to rule the computer market through its uniquely and highly desirable product models.

These new AIOs are result of Vizio’s collaboration with Microsoft and Intel to work on a highly unique approach of how systems are designed.

“PCs play an enormously important role in consumers’ lives,” said Matt McRae, chief technology officer, VIZIO. “It became clear to us that to answer this need and deliver to people the complete experience they expect, VIZIO needed to enter this market.”

“What we chose to do was build an amazing lineup that will stand up with the best products in the world, but offer them at competitive prices,” McRae added.

The new Vizio All-in-one comes in two models i.e. 24” and 27” based on the screen size. You can have further more options to choose from depending on the type of processor you want like Intel Core i3, i5 or i7.

Innovative design of the Vizio AIOs

These simply beautiful AIOs has been crafted from genuine, top-quality materials and featuring design advancements, the VIZIO All-in-One PC challenges the very notion of what a PC can be. From its premium wireless keyboard and touchpad to an ingeniously integrated subwoofer + power supply, the All-in-One redefines the desktop PC with one elegant design.


The main attraction of whole machine is its astonishing Full HD (1920 × 1080 resolution) advance ultra-thin display for crystal-clear image quality, richer colors and wider viewing angles that make it perfect for work or play.

The VIZIO All-in-One PC’s sleek, wireless keyboard puts control at your fingertips without a wire in sight, while a multi-touch wireless touchpad supports gestures like pinch, zoom, rotate and more. It also includes a remote control, so you can use the All-in-One PC’s display to enjoy high resolution HD flicks on it.

Tech specs of Vizio AIOs

Both 24” and 27” AIO models come in 3 different configurations to choose from, categorized on the basis of processors. The Intel Core i3 2.4 GHz processor model have 4GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB Hard drive, Intel HD 4000 graphics, 1.3 MegaPixels 720p Camera HD with Microphone, Stereo Speaker with 6W External Subwoofer with SRS Premium Sound HD, dual band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wireless Keyboard, Touchpad, 4 USB 3.0, SD Card slot, 2 HDMI port, eSata port and 3.5mm audio jack.

This is the very base model and the cost effective as well. It is best for the general PC users and way much cheaper and better than Apple iMacs.

The Intel Core i5 2.5GHz and Core i7 2.3GHz models have 4GB RAM, 500GB Hard disk and 8GB RAM, 1TB Hard disk respectively. The Core i7 model also sports nVidia GeForce GT 640M LE series graphic card.

The Vizio AIO will come with Windows 7 Home Premium in it. The price details have not been revealed by the company till now but will be declared soon when it will be launched in the market soon. These AIOs are perfectly upgradable to Windows 8 as the touchpad is capable of performing all Windows 8 touch gestures easily.

Official Product Website.

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  1. They really look amazing. I wish I had one 🙂

  2. Tuiruru

    Amazing – but how does it handle data that comes on a DVD – there doesn’t seem to be an optical drive?

  3. Lmmatoso

    Since the first look i get in love with it. Very, very beautiful

  4. iCow

    You can get the baseline iMac for $1100US
    i5 2400 2.5ghz Quad Core
    4gb DDR3
    500gb HDD
    6750M 512mb Graphics

    From what I can make out the baseline “Vizio” has:
    i3 ? 2.4ghz Dual Core (there are no quad core i3’s?)
    4gb DDR3
    500gb HDD
    Intel 4000 HD Graphics (Only the i7 model supports the 640m)
    No optical drive

    Unless the Vizio is half the price, I’d be buying the iMac.

  5. Tim Magee

    Unless they have some ports (USB, SD) and at least one optical drive this will never fly, and I’m sure that they are not stupid. Every home user these days has a digital camera of some kind, and will need to install some software via DVD. Also I’m hoping, no praying I can use a mouse, I just can’t abide touch pads as full time input devices. If this has these ports and I can use a mouse this is going to be my next desktop, no matter how much it costs.

  6. Oblongcircles

    Meh. Nothing impressive here and certainly not in the same class as an iMac (I don’t even like Mac’s!). Sounds like promotional fluff to me, hope you got paid for the plug. Seriously, how dare they send this out with 4GB RAM? No optical drive, so I have to go buy one for another $30. I might as well get a higher end laptop and a 24″ or 27″ monitor to go with it for less. And who cares about the subwoofer? I would just hook up to my home theater system when I want to hear good tunes or watch a movie. I can;t wait to see the reviews on that scrawny neck breaking when people move the unit around. poor design, over-priced and newer is not always better. I’m done.

  7. aiato

    I like the idea of all-in-one PCs. And this complete PC has good specs too, I checked them up from their website. I also thought that the monitor screen is matte screen. I have experience using LG’s LW980 model TV and after using it I became a serious fan of matte screens. They are very good by not reflecting light when you watch a movie at night.

  8. AATI

    “These new AIOs are result of Vizio’s collaboration with Microsoft and Intel to work on a highly unique approach of how systems are designed.”

    Clearly not that unique – HP is also copying iMacs:

  9. Cog888

    The design is a copy of the iMac, including their decision to remove the optical drive. Unfortunately, the Windows software and driver ecosystem is more dependent on the optical drive then that of OSX. So, you are correct, this “will never fly.” When Sony copied Apple, they only took the final results, and ignored all the thought that went into the design.

  10. Now THAT looks sexy. Nice to see someone else innovating the All-In-One concept other than Apple.

  11. GeorgeS

    The iMacs have optical drives. They’re on the edge. Only the MacBook Airs and the new MacBook Pro with Retina display don’t have optical drives.

  12. Liquid5th

    Highly unique!!!

    What a crock of shit.

  13. Raygunner

    You mean “iterating”

  14. Forcefeedme

    Shill much?

  15. Kobusn

    i5 $1,149.99 4GB 1TB 27″ 1GB NVIDIA® GeForce® 6W External Subwoofer
    i3 $799.99 4GB 1TB 27″ 1GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 6W External Subwoofer

    looks like a better deal than iMac

  16. “Highly unique?” First of all, you can’t use a qualifier before the word “unique.” Secondly, copying the iMac’s design is not unique.

  17. Raphael

    rofl an imac copy

  18. Discus

    “Way much better and cheaper” (bad grammer)

    “Price details have not been announced”. Haven’t really thought about what you are saying, have you.

  19. Andrew Watson

    Are these 10 point multitouch though?

  20. Andrew Flick

    the iMac has os x…the most stable system in mass production. it isn’t about the styling it is about the operating system. apple’s is simply better than the rest. I’m sure vizio doesn’t use top of the line parts like apple does either.

  21. Andrew Flick

    macs need less RAM to operate so 4 is plenty ( I still have a 2006 laptop that is running the latest mouton lion and hasn’t slowed down a bit with 3 gb of ram) so 4 gb for windows is too little but not for mac

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