Features of Vivaldi browser for Windows PC


  1. i have installed it for a long time now and love it ! i think chrome users will love it to ! i’m myself a firefox user and think to abandon the chrome browser installed for vivaldi for a second way to brwose the net . i like the interface and the left panel. this panel is discreet and useful, not annoying at all when browsing. The “+” i like is the way how tabs are coloured with the master color of a website ! (sorry for my english, i’m french ! hehe ). i know this is not a final release but it has all the things to do a very great job !

    Thumbs up to vivaldi team.

  2. Had this for a while, but even in Beta, it has many annoying bugs. Some Chrome extensions fail to work correctly, always seem to have issues when viewing Netflix. But overall, it’s quite promising really.

  3. Yes, I know, it’s in beta form but way too many bugs. I actually quite like it but until it gets it act together I’ll keep on using something a bit more reliable to surf the web.

  4. Weaknesses:
    – No Speed Dial user configuration
    – Print Preview/Print – no scaling on the fly w/o (leaving the program uses Windows/printer setup, which has no view option)

    Big difference from Opera 12 and earlier: no way to add thumbnails to the Address Bar.

  5. If you leave comments on the latest nightly builds, they will increase the priority of one feature or another. I’ve been using Vivaldi for about 6 months, and it keeps getting more features while also being faster and less buggy, for the most part. Their eventual goal is to have basically all of the opera 12 features included, even if that may take a few years. Leaving comments on their site will make it more likely that they add them sooner.

  6. What do you mean it is not a simple click of a mouse?!
    It’s EXACTLY THREE CLICKS. Is that too hard for you?! Do you need to take some classes for that?

    1. Go to bing.com
    2. Right click (click 1) the search field
    3. Select Add as search engine (click 2)
    4. Click Add button (click 3)

    THREE CLICKS to add a search engine.

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