Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel from Microsoft – Mount ISO disk image files

Microsoft appears to have refreshed/re-released Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel, a free utility that allows users of Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP to mount ISO disk image files as virtual CD-ROM drives. The Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel can be useful for reading disk images to install software or recover backup files.

Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel

How to use Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel:

  1. Copy VCdRom.sys to your %systemroot%\system32\drivers folder. Execute VCdControlTool.exe
  2. Click “Driver control”
  3. If the “Install Driver” button is available, click it. Navigate to the %systemroot%\system32\drivers folder, select VCdRom.sys, and click Open. Click “Start”. Next Click OK.
  4. Click “Add Drive” to add a drive to the drive list. Ensure that the drive added is not a local drive. If it is, continue to click “Add Drive” until an unused drive letter is available.
  5. Select an unused drive letter from the drive list and click “Mount”.
  6. Navigate to the image file, select it, and click “OK”. UNC naming conventions should not be used, however mapped network drives should be OK.
  7. You may now use the drive letter as if it were a local CD-ROM device. When you are finished, you may unmount, stop, and remove the driver from memory using the driver control.

Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel download

Download Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel from Microsoft.

UPDATE: Although the Microsoft download page may state “Date published: 4/23/2013”, the utility is an old tool apparently having been first released in 2001.

Since Windows 8 natively supports mounting of ISO files, this kind of tool is not needed for Windows 8. In Windows 8, you can simply open an ISO file and Windows automatically assigns it a drive letter and reads it as a virtual drive.

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  1. Hectord

    You need to run VCdControlTool.exe as an “administrator” or you will receive an SCM error message and it will not find the “VCdRom.sys” in the WindowsSystem32Drivers” folder. I have not been able to get the driver to “start” in my Windows 7 64-bit system, I get the message “This driver has been blocked from loading”

  2. Ian Crick

    I was wondering if this virtual drive is CD only or if it will work for DVD’s. I have a couple of games the kids like, but they need to have the DVD in the drive. One is only a brain training game, but requires the cd/dvd in the drive to run. I know this is good for the software’s protection, but it’s a nightmare with kids using the disks, as they always get damaged. This would stop the disk getting damaged and save battery power, as the cd/dvd drive would not need to work all the time. Thanks

  3. You know… honestly… so many other tools out there — many of them freeware — both do a superior job of this, and have been doing it almost literally forever, that it’s hard to imagine anyone settling (and, really, that’s what it is) for Microsoft’s too-little-too-late tool.

    Of course, Microsoft’s now offering it means that we nevertheless need to know how to make it work if that should ever become a necessity. However, because I’ve been using something better for years, I’m pretty sure that using this Microsoft tool will never be necessary, at least for me.

    For whatever that’s worth.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

  4. newton

    finally Microsoft came up with ground breaking technology

  5. George

    Are you kidding us??!
    I have this software many years now!
    It contains three files, the newest of them is ten years old! The other two
    files (the actual program) are twelve years old..
    Not to say that its driver is not digitally signed.. Are you sure it can be
    used on 64bit systems like win 7? Have you tried it before this post here?
    Many thanks for this awesome update..

  6. I stand corrected. Post edited.

  7. Ziggy

    Gregg, what’s that ‘something better” tool? Are you willing to share it with us? Always find your entries/contributions of great interest.

  8. Auto

    Unfortunately CD only. I use Virtual CloneDrive (Freeware)

  9. Kevin Vesga

    There are lots of tools to mount image files:

    Personally I’m fond of SlySoft’s Virtual CloneDrive.

  10. Ziggy

    Thanks Kevin. I’ll give these a go. Your response greatly appreciated.

  11. Mr. Longo

    I’ve been using virtual clone drive for 3 years now and I have a hard time going to anything else. So far I believe it’s the best option out now.

  12. Darr247

    It appears this is exactly why it won’t work on x64 versions… the VCdRom.sys file is not kernel-mode-code signed, so you’ll get the generic “This driver has been blocked from loading” message no matter what you do (well… I haven’t tried anything *stupid* like turning off UAC altogether).

  13. ;)

    this doesn’t work. I can’t find the file when I search for it even if i run it as admin

  14. carib909

    Same here. I gave up! Microsoft is just incompetent. I run as admin and navigate to the System32/drivers folder and it cannot see any of the other sys files including the one it needs!

  15. Michael Kirck Bane

    keeps telling me the diver has been block from loading, please help

  16. FK

    Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 253755392) (tried to allocate 22282939 bytes) in /home3/tot/public_html/wp-content/plugins/better-wp-security/modules/free/backup/class-itsec-backup.php on line 148

  17. corvimort

    FYI if anyone cares about this 2 years later… This happens because when you navigate the open dialog to %windir%System32 Microsoft has Win7 do a crappy redirect to %windir%sysWOW64. If you manually put the .sys file in %windir%sysWOW64drivers using Windows Explorer then use the app to open it it will miraculously be seen. Microsoft said they did this “for compatibility reasons.”

  18. Jon Watte

    Doesn’t work on 64-bit windows. Use something like WinCDEmu instead.

  19. Randal Gossip

    Device failed .

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