Viivo: Cloud file encryption service for Dropbox

In this modern world most of us store important files on the cloud. So it’s very important for us to have a maximum security for all the files so that no one can access them in an unauthorized manner. I know most of the cloud storage are encrypted connection, but still there are chances that it may get hacked. So we need maximum security to secure our files. In the hunt for such a service, I came across this nice new service called Viivo, which lets you secure your Dropbox files.

Viivo review

Viivo is a Cloud file encryption services for Dropbox. A cloud service like Dropbox is easy to store and sync, but unfortunately it’s less secure. That’s where Viivo comes into picture. What it does is Viivo encrypts the files and then syncs to your Dropbox account.. Here is a short picture that explains you how.

To use this service, you need to download and install Viivo software on the same computer that you have your Dropbox installed. Once it’s installed it will ask you to authorize Viivo to access your Dropbox account.

Once you authorize the account it will ask you create a username and password for the Viivo account, which we later need to decrypt the files. Once that’s done Viivo will create a folder under the User folder of Windows. You can easily access them from the Libraries.

This is the folder where you’ll paste the files that you want to encrypt. Viivo will encrypt these files and upload it to Dropbox under Viivo-encrypted folder. Once it’s uploaded, no one except you can access it. But you can share the files with anyone you want. But the other user too needs to have Viivo installed on his or her PC. The best part is that you have to allow the access of decrypting the files from the Administrator console that’s installed on your computer.

To conclude, Viivo is an excellent service to secure that files you synchronize with your Dropbox account. You can easily access it even from your phone since Viivo has application for Android, iPhone etc. If you’re a heavy Dropbox user who is concerned about your data security, then Viivo is for you.

Viivo is completely free for both personal and commercial purpose. I hope you like this application. If you have any feedback about this application please do share it with us under the comments section.

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  1. sconaty

    Hi Shyam, another similar product is Safebox ( It works like Viivo and encrypts your content before it is synced to the cloud by Dropbox.

    The free version of Viivo is not intended for commercial use – commercial user should use the $4.99/per month Viivo Pro plan. Safebox on the other hand has no reoccurring charge, you just pay a once off price of $9.99 to run it on as many computers as you like (disclaimer: I’m a member of the two man team who created Safebox).

  2. Carey

    Thank you, Shyam, for these details on Viivo and its use. I will definitely check it out.

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