How to change WiFi Network Connection priority in Windows 10

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  1. Not just that, my Win8.1 laptop prioritizes my neighbours non-secure wifi instead of my own when I restart it. In Windows 7 I could easily stop it from doing this via the UI, now I have to put in all this time to find a solution. It’s ridiculous…

  2. have you had any luck? I just want to get rid of all of those other wifi connections that are checked auto, I uncheck them go to another and come back, and it is checked again

  3. I deleted all wifi profiles (in netsh) and reset the wifi settings. Now it doesn’t auto connect when I’ve unticked the auto connect setting.

  4. My windows 10 desktop will no longer let me get on the internet no matter which browser I use. My connection is connected to the internet and I have internet access as I am using my windows 7 ultimate laptop now. I believe I may have got a virus or something that attacks my DNS on my desktop. If you have any suggestions on how to fix it please let me know. Thank you.

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