Video DeShake is a free video stabilizer software to stabilize shaky videos

Most smartphone cameras today come with Optical Image Stabilization or Electronic Image Stabilization as standard. Some have both, but usually, those are the high-end devices you can’t afford. Now, for those who film without the above technologies, your videos will likely come out shaky an unwatchable in some instances.

Imagine being at a concert where the music is making you do things you’ve never done before. You’re filming and dancing like a crazy person without realizing you’re messing up the video. After returning home, then, you’ve finally come to the understanding that y our video is a shaky mess, so what to do in this strange situation?

Well, you’ll need quality software for that, and there are quite a few on the web. And so we’re going to talk about the free version of Video DeShake, a software with the sole purpose of fixing the shakiness in your videos. The good thing about this tool is the fact that it requires no technical wizardry on the part of the user. Just drop the video in, hit the button, and you’re good to go.

Video DeShake is a free video stabilizer software

Load and DeShake Files

free video stabilizer software

The software makes it very easy to load and DeShake a video file. Simply click on the plus button to locate and add a video, then click on the button below that says DeShake.

Convert Videos

If you have a video you’d like to convert to MP4 or other formats, then once you’ve added the file, make sure to tick the Video format converting box, select the output file format from the dropdown menu, then hit the DeShake button.


OK, so to get to the Options window, click on File, then Options. A new window will appear, and there you’ll see quite a few things. From here, the user can adjust how aggressively the tool should fix shakiness.

For example, if the shakiness in your video is mild, then set the tool in such a way that it doesn’t overdo its job. Folks can also adjust the smoothing and the accuracy to a level that works best for them.

You can download Video DeShake from its homepage.

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