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Using IoT to monitor the health of 25,000 smart devices: How Microsoft does it

IoT or ‘Internet of Things‘ is all about of interlinking physical devices that are connected to the Internet. Over and above the usual machine to machine interactions, it intends to build advanced protocols and associated software to manage devices and their security. We have already taken at this eBook titled Securing Internet of Things & IoT Devices. Now Microsoft talks about using IoT devices and data analytics to create a safe workplace.

Using IoT to protect Devices

A few years down the line, there was hardly any way organized platform to monitor electronic devices particular to an organization as a bunch. The trend was to use sensors or cameras, etc. to monitor the situation at a case by case level. Other than the cost, it was exceedingly difficult to manage such a huge infrastructure, especially for larger companies like Microsoft.

While the team at Microsoft was always prepared to mitigate security breaches, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Thus Microsoft shifted to ‘System Center’ for effectively managing their 25,000 security devices. The various parts of the System Center are as follows:

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Benefits of switching to IoT

IoT helps in getting a 50% reduction in downtime. It assumes and later predicts issues that devices might possibly face. Here are the tangible benefits:

IoT is a solution with a huge potential and many companies would be interested in it in the time to come. You can read more about this at Microsoft.