5 Useful and Interesting Windows Phone 7 Apps

The Windows Phone 7 application marketplace has now got a lot of good apps. There are now many free games and apps available in the  Marketplace for Windows Phone 7 devices. I have selected some of the best and interesting ones out there and ranked the top 5 that are best suited for your Windows Phone 7 handsets.

1: Cocktail Flow App:

Cocktail Flow is an amazing Windows Phone 7 app that lists down many interesring cocktail recipes. This app costs $2.99 but is worth the price, especially if you love cocktails. In typical Windows Phone 7 style, the App is designed to be quick, efficient, and finally fun to use. The App offers an excellent feature called ‘Barstock Search’ using this we can put  the ingredients and drinks which we have at home based on the options they have provided, and based on what we have at home they give us a list of cocktails that you can make. It also offers shopping advice, like what ingredients are to be bought etc.

Cocktails App for Windows Phone 7

2: Kindle eBook App:

The Kindle App is optimized for Windows Phone 7. And using this app, it’s possible to access more than 700,000 books in kindle store including best sellers and new releases. It gives the best reading experiences on Windows Phone 7 devices.

Kindle eBook App

3: iToiletFinder App:
iToiletFinder finds you a toilet anywhere from your Windows Phone 7 device. This app is especially useful if you tend to get lost and more often away from your neighborhood, city, state, or country. This app helps you like a friend-in-need. User will just have to fill in the location’s name, describe surroundings and comment on location – and off you can go to the nearest toilet!

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4: SkyMap App:
SkyMap App for Windows Phone 7 gives you the interactive sky maps for any viewpoint, time and location on Earth. It has additional information of over 110000 stars, sun, messier objects, planets and the moon.

SkyMap app for Windows Phone 7

SkyMap App has a smooth map, with zooming and panning gesture support. Users are able to zoom-in and zoom-out, can rotate, star glare, and constellation visibility mode also available. In night mode, App will change the map into red, which help you to see the stars easily. It has features like, astronomy picture of the day, point to sky mode, flashlight, map rotation mode, map orientation lock and other improvements, and it provides a help page also.

5: Polyglot Translator:

Polyglot is a tool which does the job of translation. It is a client of the Microsoft Translator service. Here user must select the source and target languages for the translation and then enter the phrase which has to be translated and then press on translate, rest of the work will be done by service.


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