Use your Windows 7 computer, the Windows 7 way!


  1. Nice article Nitin. I’m saving this to give to several people I know who just haven’t been able to bring themselves away from the old operating system thinking.

  2. Very nice article, very usefull…
    I use win7 and xp both, and this article is a must read for all windows 7 users even if you are a beginner or advance users.
    (sometimes we need some reminders) 😀

  3. “…many of who are still using Windows 7, like Windows XP or Windows 98; and watching this really bother’s me.”

    XP behavior, so it does me also. Nice shot. Thanks.

  4. Thanks a lot Nitin.
    Very useful as I just bought a laptop with W7….
    looking forward for similar posts..


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