How to use the Store app on Windows Mobile 10

One of the new things this new operating system Windows Mobile 10 has brought to the table is the new Windows Store, dubbed as Store. It will eventually replace the default Store, so we are going to dig deep to see why users should care.

Store app on Windows Mobile 10

Probably the first thing users will notice is how similar the new Store is to the one found in Windows 10 for the desktop. This is one of Microsoft’s universal apps, hence the reason why both apps are so similar in design.

Store app on Windows Mobile 10

Just like its desktop counterpart, the Windows Mobile 10 version of the Store app shows a list of popular apps at the top. Use your fingers to swipe to the left in order to view them all. From our count, this list tends to have a maximum of 9 apps that changes throughout the day.

If users look at the desktop app, they will see the categories at the top, in the form of Apps. Games, Music, and Movies&TV Shows. With the mobile version, users will be required to tap on the hamburger icon next to Home to bring up the categories. This also highlights the Settings, Downloads, My Library, and Purchased tabs.


Should you click on the Settings tab, only the option to update apps automatically is available. The option to change whether to update Live Tiles over Wi-Fi or 4G is there, but it is greyed out.

Scroll down and users will see Top Free Apps, Best-rated Apps, New and Rising Apps, Top Free Games, Top Paid Games and more. Each of these subcategories will allow the user to scroll to the side to view more, and to view all, the option to show all is also available.

So what is the main difference with the mobile and desktop version? Not much really. The Store (beta) app for Windows Mobile 10 has a dark background while the desktop app has a white background. They don’t have all of the same content, mainly because not every app is universal at this point in time.

We should also point out that some apps in the mobile version do not work. Users ca install them, but when launched, some might continue to load while others will load but may never go further from there.

Overall, the new Store app is looking solid. A bit slower than the original, but with enough work, we expect it to increase in speed before Windows Mobile 10 launches later int he year.

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  1. jason merlino

    I’m sure both people who have a Windows phone will appreciate the new features of Windows 10.

  2. Priya Gupta

    This new
    windows app seems great with such rich features. I tried using it and figuring
    out thing a bit on my own. But the manner in which you have explained, that has
    imparted me more clarity on how to make full use of it. Thanks!

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