Use of Surface Pro 3 for Business

Surface Pro 3 is a convertible tablet-laptop from Microsoft that currently runs Windows 8.1 and can be upgraded to Windows 10 when the latter hits markets. Though most experts made it look like a product for mobility only, Microsoft puts forward some points (features) that Surface Pro 3 is best suited for your business use. The following paragraphs talk about these points.

surface pro 3 business use

Surface Pro 3 Business Use

Surface 3 Pro is essentially a combination of the following: The main tablet with back support, a keyboard cover, a pen, and a docking station (optional). There is another version of Surface that caters only to a subgroup of users who want complete mobility and do not need to perform complex calculations etc. The Surface RT is good for gaming while on move other than keeping in touch with your friends via different social networks.

Computing power of Surface Pro 3

Coming back to Surface Pro 3 (which is much powerful compared to Surface RT), users can perform any kind of task on the machine: from writing emails to complex calculations to drawing vector graphics and more. That also means that other than running just the lighter versions of different software, users can run resource intensive applications when the tablet is docked and is used along with the keyboard cover. Some such applications that we’d find difficult to run on a tablet are Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and audio-video editing software such as the Premiere and Sony SoundForge.

The Surface Pro 3 is powered by the fourth generation of Intel core processors:

  • Intel Core i3 4020Y 1.50 GHz with Intel HD Graphics 4200
  • Intel Core i5 4300U 1.90 GHz with Intel HD Graphics 4400
  • Intel Core i7 4650U 1.70 GHz with Intel HD Graphics 5000

Depending upon the processor, it can address RAM storage from 4GB to 8GB which is enough to work normally (or better) on resource consuming apps such as the Adobe Premiere.

A Convertible That Eases Deployment Issues

Imagine buying a laptop for business work and a tablet for personal use. Or they can both be for business use as well as personal use. For business organizations, Surface Pro 3 means fewer struggles with deployment, upgrading and configuration.

Since it acts both as a tablet and a laptop, you have to configure only one device instead of configuring two different devices one by one. That saves not only on time but money also. You also save on purchasing two sets of software for deployment on two devices. For example, if you intend to install MS Office, you just install it on a Surface Pro 3 using a single license. If not for Surface Pro 3, and if you had bought a laptop and a tablet, you would have needed two licenses.

Carrying Two Devices vs Surface Pro 3

I need not explain this in detail as you know that the Surface is two machines built into one. Carrying a laptop, a tablet and a phone would be much tedious than carrying just a Surface Pro 3. Of course, you still carry phone separately but then, you are still travelling light weight without any fear to protect two or more devices while on move.

You can work from anywhere – in the office, while in transit and while travelling abroad without having to carry different devices that could connect to your office VPN or the Intranet.

Microsoft Business Upgrades and Support

Microsoft lets you download all the firmware and devices from the Microsoft websites to help you build your corporate image. Other than that, Microsoft has a page dedicated to Surface Updates that inform you what updates are available and what they do to your computer.

For Surface 3 Pro business use, Microsoft has also started a new support system called Microsoft Complete for Business that aims to reduce the troubleshooting time, exchange time, accidental damage protection etc.

The above points indicate that Surface Pro 3 is good for businesses of all sizes. Visit Surface Pro 3 for Business page for more details about how Surface Pro 3 is helping different businesses. Check out our article on Surface Pro 3 specs for more features of the device.

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