How To Use Internet Explorer Within Google Chrome

Some websites function normally only on Internet Explorer. Most such websites are the ones in intranet of corporate companies. If you are a Google Chrome user, you can still use Internet Explorer from within Chrome to launch and explore such websites.

To be able to use Internet Explorer from Google Chrome, you need to install an extension to the browser. Once the IE Tab extension is installed, you can start using Internet Explorer (with browser control object) without having to actually click open Internet Explorer. You just have to click the IE icon that appears next to the address bar in the Google Chrome. The icon will appear once you install the IE tab to Chrome. By default, you can use IE7 from Chrome. But if you have later versions of Internet Explorer installed on your machine, you can use IE8 and even IE9 without having to actually open the Internet Explorer.  You can also open and configure Internet Options with the help of IE Tab extension.

To install IE Tab extension, open the Chrome marketplace and search for “IE Tab”. When you get it, double click and confirm to install the extension. Upon installation, you can see the IE icon towards the right on the address bar of Chrome.

To open current website in IE mode, click the IE tab icon. Google Chrome will use IE7 (unless you selected otherwise: Discussed Below) browser control object to display the current webpage. You will get an IE address bar where you can see the URL of current webpage. Also, the tab will be displayed as “IE: Title of Website”. For example, if you are using Google, it would be “IE: Google”.

To change the IE version, click on the wrench icon on the address bar of IE Tab and NOT that on the Google Chrome address bar. This will open a new tab where you can customize the behavior of IE tab.

Here, it will show you the different rendering machines of the Internet Explorer available on your computer. Select the one you wish.

You can also specify some URLs that Google Chrome should always open in IE mode. You can achieve this by clicking on the wrench icon on the IE tab (and NOT on the Google Chrome address bar). In the new tab that opens, select Enable Auto URLs. You now specify the URLs in the Auto URL mode.

You can also specify wildcards such as the asterisk symbol to denote all webpages from a particular site that should be opened in the IE mode. For example, if you add an Auto URL saying*, all URLs starting will open in the IE mode.

This explains how to use Internet Explorer from within Google Chrome. If you have doubts or anything to add, please use the comment box below.

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