Use Battery Saver App For Windows Phone 8.1

Battery performance is the most crucial factor to consider when we decide to buy a smartphone. In older days, the phones like Nokia 1600 didn’t have any web access ability and hence their battery could last long. But the smartphones these days use Internet for background processes for various apps and thus these apps eat up all the battery power in a single day, even if you don’t use your phone for calls or messaging.



Battery Saver App For Windows Phone 8.1

Well, Windows Phone 8.1 offers a Battery Saver app. Using this app, you can significantly save much battery on your phone and use it for important purpose. If you have accidentally uninstalled this app, you can re-install again from the Windows Phone Store.

First of all the app clearly lists how much percentage of battery power an app is consuming, so you got a clear idea which app you have to avoid in order to have less battery consumption. You can filter the apps list using Show all apps, apps with usage and apps that can run in the background.

Battery Saver App For Windows Phone 8.1

The Battery Saver app helps you select the apps individually and decide which app should be allowed to run in background. By sorting the app list with Apps that can run in the background filter, you have to tap an app name. Then uncheck the option Allow this app to run in the background even when Battery Saver is on and you can increase battery performance this way.


The app has another nice feature. When the battery level goes below 20%, it activates the hardcore battery save mode. In this mode, you won’t receive notifications from some of the apps. Plus some non-essential functions are turned off by the phone automatically. So when again the battery level goes above 20%, the original functionality is restored.

Hope you find the Battery Saver useful and handy!

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