USBFix lets you scan and fix USB drives the easy way

USBFix is a free malware remover tool that is designed to clean infected USB sticks, or any other USB removal devices you may have laying around. Basically, anything that connects to your computer via USB is fair game for USB Fix.

USBFix review


USBFix will help clean your USB drives. From your USB stick to your smartphone connected you your personal computer, this app will clean malware without breaking a sweat. Still, users will not get the full experience unless they pay up for the Standard or Premium versions.

The Pros:

The app comes with an option that is called, Research. Now, pressing this button will activate the app to scan all connected USB devices for known infections. Furthermore, there is no need to disable your anti-virus protection because USBFix should perform fine with it running.

After the Research mode has been accomplished, it is now time to click on the Clean button. This is only needed if the app finds any form of infections on your USB devices.

Something else you need to know in order to prevent future infections to your USB device. There’s a feature called Vaccinate, and it is designed to make sure that your USB device will always be free from malware. It is similar to how humans take certain vaccines to be immune to some infections.

Now, with apps such as these, they tend to start automatically after every reboot of Windows. To stop this, go to Options and disable autorun and autoplay.

The Cons:

This thing is filled with advertisements, and they can be very distracting. Furthermore, it doesn’t offer real-time protection, the Fast Scan feature and the ability to right-click in the File Explorer to scan any USB drive or folders within a drive.

The whole thing is bare bones, and if you want all these features, then the developers will require payment.

Additionally, the design is not very good to look at, and as such, may turn off some computer users from using the app.


USBFix is a decent USB antivirus and malware detector. The performance is fast, but the main problem we have is the design, the many advertisements we had to look at, and the fact that we are required to purchase other editions to get real-time protection.

If you can live without real-time protection and ads in your apps, then this is right up your alley.

Download USBFix free of charge.

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