USB History Viewer: View any installed, connected USB devices on your system or network

Accessing of pen drives is blocked in most of the organizations – usually schools and offices. And if you are in the same situation where you do not want to allow people to use pen drives and other USB devices on a Windows PC, you may disable USB ports on your PC.  But this may not be the best practice, because you may need USB ports for some other purpose – may be for Printers, Cameras or other devices.

Now the smarter solution would be to monitor the history of USB devices used on your PC or the computers on the network. Note that every time you connect a pen drive or any other USB device, it leaves traces on that computer. This information can be used to know about the USB devices that have been used. We have already covered a freeware called USBLogView – now lets us see USB History Viewer.

USB History Viewer is an application that can be used to view the history of the USB devices on not just your PC but the computers over the LAN as well. Now that sounds interesting!! USB History Viewer is simple to use and does what’s required, quite easily. USB History Viewer requires no installation, as it is a portable software. Just click the executable file and it runs.

As soon as you launch the application you will see a couple of fields asking for details. The first one is the text field for “Computer name”. It requires your PC name to be entered. Click the button right next to it and it shows a list of machines which includes your PC and the computers across the LAN or the network.

Select an entry and click the “Start” button to get the list of USB devices used on your computer. Furthermore click the USD device list to get the actual time and other details with it. It includes the device ID, a date and time stamp of the last time it was used, and it will even let you know if it is currently mounted.

If you are a network user, details of USB devices on network computer can be viewed by entering appropriate username, domain and password.

You can download USB History Viewer by clicking here.

Incidentally, you can also prevent unauthorized use of USB and other removable media with NetWrix’s USB Blocker.

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  1. Subbrillliant

    Interesting software. Thanks for the review Azharuddin.

    If this offering were developed further such that it could use the device ID numbers that it acquires to build a password protected whitelist of devices allowed to connect it would be next level.

  2. Khan Azharuddin12345

    Thanks Subbrillliant.
    That would be great. Infact you have spotted a good feature..Developers should include this feature in there next release..

  3. SR

    yes , this is very interesting software …


    definitely a good feature , but this a portable software.

    Tech Tips and Tricks

  4. Pruthula Mahabhaga

    i used this software but i got only one entry after the check even i have used many drives. any help please?

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