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Managing bookmarks on a browser seems a tedious task when you’ve got too many of them. URL Gather is a free alternative to your in-browser bookmarks and favorites manager. It is an efficient tool designed to handle your internet bookmarks in a very organized way. With in-built privacy features, this tool can be preferred over browser bookmarks. The tool supports import from all major browsers so you need not to worry about any of your previous bookmarks.

Manage Internet Bookmarks

URL Gather

The most promising feature of URL Gather is the file explorer like feel. You can create folders then sub folders just like as you are using a file explorer. This feature lets you organize your bookmarks in a way that suits you perfectly. You can create as many folders and as many sub folders you want. You can add subfolders to any level.

To create a URL record in a folder, just press F6 or go to the edit menu and select ‘+ URL Item’ and then you just need to fill up the details like bookmark name and address, you can even leave a few remarks if you want. Once done, double click the URL to open it in a browser window.

URL Gather comes with an inbuilt search functionality so that you can instantly search a URL record by its name, URL or by a part of it. Now coming down to customization features offered by the program, URL Gather is customizable in a good sense. You can make the URL gather to stay at top of all other windows or you can make it hide when minimized. You can choose the default browser for opening all URLs, if desired browser doesn’t show up in the list then you can manually browse to the browser’s executable.

The program comes with an ability to change fonts for all the text on the program, you can change it to whatever you like. As already mentioned, the inbuilt privacy feature makes this program to be more preferable over the browser bookmarks. You can set a password so that on every program start-up, the application would prompt for a password thus keeping your bookmarks secure. URL Gather also has a functionality to automatically search and delete duplicate URLs.

The only thing that keeps me away from this program is the missing sync feature. You cannot sync bookmarks across different devices, or different browser or anything, the bookmarks just stay where you create them. You can export them but exporting again and again is a tedious task. Otherwise the tool is fine, does what it says, offers you a bit of privacy and is worth downloading.

URL Gather for Windows free download

Click here to download URL Gather.

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  1. This is good…damn good.

  2. Ed

    Latest version is almost two years old. Is this even compatible with Windows 10 and IE 11?

  3. cromulante

    Try CintaNotes. Much better: tags, hotkeys, great search, notetaking…

  4. Matt_Sweeney

    Or, you could use Google Bookmarks, or Delicious, which will always be supported and can be used from any machine.

  5. Lavish Thakkar

    Yes it works with Windows 10 and IE 11!

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