Updated OneDrive offers larger thumbnails, Album customization and more

OneDrive keeps getting better. Based on various feedbacks from its OneDrive users, OneDrive team has announced many new features to its web interface and on the Android app.

OneDrive new features

Let us first check what new updates were provided to its web version:

Bigger and more beautiful photos and videos thumbnails

  • The size of the photos and videos thumbnails have been increased thus providing a more beautiful view. Photos as smaller thumbnails can also be strenuous, so increasing the size makes it pleasing to eyes.
  • Also, All Photos view now includes videos too.
  • Improved video playback and support for more browsers and mobile phones added.


Album cover customization :

  • At present OneDrive automatically makes rotating covers for the folders with photos present in them, now it provides an option to select any photo and make it a fixed cover photo. This can be done by selecting the Photo you want as Fixed Cover >Manage > Add as Cover or right clicking on the Photo you want as Cover and Add as Cover. If you want to remove them as Fixed Cover, follow the same procedure.


Natively publish videos to Facebook:

  • Earlier one could publish photos natively to Facebook, but with this update one can publish videos too natively to Facebook. Just right click on the video and click on Share and you have the option to Publish to Facebook. The exciting part of this is videos (and photos) you share to Facebook are natively published. That means friends with whom you share this can see straight in Facebook without clicking back to OneDrive and they can even comment, tag as they usually do in Facebook.

OneDriveUpdt040514zAdd new items to previously shared collections:

  • OneDrive already lets you share individual files in a folder as a group. This feature is very convenient when you want to share your best photos in a folder among hundreds. Now with this new update you can add more items after you’ve already shared the original grouping. Just go to your Shared view, right click on the group that you want to modify, and select Add.


Announcing these exciting updates, Microsoft’s Omar Shahine said these updates will be rolling out to OneDrive users over the coming days. So please check if you have received it yet or not.

Apart from updates to the web version, the OneDrive Android app too received major updates. The app is updated to version 2.5 and offers the following new features:

  • Share files by inviting people, sending a link, or sending files to another app
  • Select multiple files to download
  • Update View and Edit sharing preferences
  • Move files and folders
  • Sort files and folders


If you are Android user, get this OneDrive updated app now!

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