Windows needs more space: Update Windows 10 using an External Storage

There are multiple ways to update Windows 10. You can use a USB drive, follow the regular way but when you fall short of storage space, you will need to find another way. The best way is to clear your Windows 10 of all unnecessary files, or changing the folder where the Update files are downloaded. However, if you both of these are not possible, you can also update Windows 10 using an External Storage.

Windows needs more space 10

Windows needs more space

When you do not have enough space on your hard drive for the update, Windows will automatically ask you to connect an external drive. It will then extend the space on your hard drive temporarily while the update is in progress.

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Update Windows 10 using an External Storage

Interesting to note that his option is not available in the settings, but only shows up when you try to free up space when the Windows 10 Update sends you storage space notification. You can select either I want to use external storage instead of or I don’t have an external storage on the lower-left side of the window.

Update Windows 10 using an External Storage

Step 1: Free up space

You should know one thing about Windows 10 Update.  It will always need a minimum free space on the primary storage. The external drive is to make sure the space used to download the update is moved. This tip helps when you need space to download the updates and have minimum space on your C drive for the update.

You will see a wizard window pop-up when the storage is really low on space.

So lets clear some space first. 

  1. Click on Free up space now.
  2. It will scan your drives, and offer you a list of files occupying space.
  3. If you clear enough files, the mark will go green. Then you will be all set to update without using an external drive. But if you cannot, it’s time to connect an external drive with a lot of free space.

Step 2: Connect External Drive

  1. Connect your external storage device. Wait for a little, and you will it in the drop-down list under Step 2 in the image.
  2. If the external storage device has enough free space, a green check mark will appear next to the storage drive icon.
  3. Select Continue to finish installing the update.

Updating Windows using External Drive is a rare situation. Most of us have enough storage space on our PCs to take care of Windows 10 Update. However, when needed, the option will come handy.

Hope you find this tip useful!

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