UPCleaner looks like a good alternative to CCleaner


  1. Sorry, didn’t like it.
    – Worse than not portable, it only allows installation in the OS drive (C:).
    – The T&C are quite lengthy and retain the right to use data.
    – Only tool tried, was the download speed test which gave a value which was one tenth of the Speedtest.net value.
    – One of the worst ever programs to uninstall, even using Revo Uninstaller Pro – hundreds of registry entries and more than 1000 files deleted, even then it left a widger running on the desktop.

    Piriform who provide CCleaner, can sleep soundly!

  2. I have just uninstalled the program. It did give an error but I was asked to uninstall UPCleaner in compatibility mode and it worked just fine. The only thing it left behind on my system is a DLL file.

    As for the other problems, I did not come across them, neither did I read the Terms and Conditions. But I will read it and determine if this article should be updated to warn potential users.

  3. I guess I recognize that logotype… it is Chinese, isn’t? I fear those “free” Chinese software that may collect tons of private information to be sent to the Chinese communist mafia, what many call “government.”

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