UPCleaner looks like a good alternative to CCleaner

We’ve all used CCleaner at least a few times, right? For those who might have issues with the software, there are several alternatives, and one of them is called UPCleaner. The program is designed to clean Windows PC of junk files, and also to protect users from threats.

Installing UPCleaner onto our computers was a breeze, a mere walk in the park. The only downside is the fact that it requires an installer, but besides that, everything went well, outside of the animation we had to sit through after installation. There’s not even an option to turn it off, and to make matters worse; it stays on top of every other window.

UPCleaner – PC Junk File Cleaner & Optimizer

upcleaner 3

One thing that stood out with this software is the fact that it is more than just a cleaner. There are features here not found in CCleaner, all the more reason to give the software a test drive to see how well it works.

Once installed, we were brought to a simple and beautiful user interface with big buttons. No doubt UPCleaner looks a lot better than CCleaner, and it even added a widget to the desktop that shows us how much memory the operating system is using, along with network data.

When it comes down to the original interface, it has three buttons. PC Boost, Clean, Fix Web Browser Risks, and Toolbox. Clicking on PC Boost gives the user the option to scan the computer for problems, and from there, fix whatever issue has been found.

With Clean, it is all about removing junk files from the computer. It shows the size of the overall junk files removed, ours was around 6GB, can you believe it?

We can even do a network speed test from there. Just click on the plus sign button and the options will show up.

UPCleaner - PC Junk File Cleaner & Optimizer

We jumped into the Settings section expecting some form of complexity, but UPCleaner is not full of surprising. This section is simple to use and understand. It can be found by clicking on the hamburger button at the top. Here, users should see the option to turn off or turn off the high CPU usage alert.

To turn off or turn off any of the options, it just takes a simple click of the mouse, and that’s it. Plus, the whole thing looks quite good on the eyes, so that makes it even better.

Overall, we found UPCleaner to be a good enough cleaner. There are some neat features here, but we have to say, CCleaner is still the way to go, but it wouldn’t hurt to give this cleaner a test drive.

Download here from the official website.

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  1. jayesstee

    Sorry, didn’t like it.
    – Worse than not portable, it only allows installation in the OS drive (C:).
    – The T&C are quite lengthy and retain the right to use data.
    – Only tool tried, was the download speed test which gave a value which was one tenth of the Speedtest.net value.
    – One of the worst ever programs to uninstall, even using Revo Uninstaller Pro – hundreds of registry entries and more than 1000 files deleted, even then it left a widger running on the desktop.

    Piriform who provide CCleaner, can sleep soundly!

  2. Mészáros Antal

    It’s very agressive, hardly be removed, just with system restore!!!

  3. Vamien

    I have just uninstalled the program. It did give an error but I was asked to uninstall UPCleaner in compatibility mode and it worked just fine. The only thing it left behind on my system is a DLL file.

    As for the other problems, I did not come across them, neither did I read the Terms and Conditions. But I will read it and determine if this article should be updated to warn potential users.

  4. Alberto Gorin

    was about to recommend,but for mi self lets play

  5. steven

    the malware UPCleaner

  6. Chmdr Chck

    Do not download this! Don’t trust Chinese software, especially if it is freeware!

  7. Jennifer

    how do you know this software is Chinese software

  8. Cristiano Arruda

    I guess I recognize that logotype… it is Chinese, isn’t? I fear those “free” Chinese software that may collect tons of private information to be sent to the Chinese communist mafia, what many call “government.”

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