Unsubscribe from Email, Junk mail & Spam with Unsubscriber

Admit it or not, every single day we all struggle with a bunch of not required emails, consisting of offers remotely related to our interest and newsletters which come popping in even though you have unsubscribed them yourself. Saying ‘No’ to SPAM isn’t easy but the new free tool, ‘Unsubscriber’ can really make things convenient and time-saving for you.


Unsubscribe from email

While using Unsubscriber, I found it to be the easiest way of putting a stop to those unwanted emails. One just has to select and move the unwanted emails to the Unsubscriber folder and then not bother at all. Unsubscriber would take care of the rest, and unsubscribe you from that email. Believe me, it is the most effortless way of saving your time and energy which goes into clearing your inbox.

Users who have their email accounts with Outlook.com, AOL, Gmail and Yahoo, can sign up for Unsubscriber by simply logging in their accounts.

Unsubscriber features:

Easy: Unsubscriber is the simplest tool which even a non-technical email user can use. One just has to move the unwanted emails to the Unsubscriber folder and stop worrying.

Highly efficient: What happens when you move an email to the Unsubscriber folder? This efficient tool takes care of it all by sending a notification to the sender of that email, on your behalfand until you are not removed from their list, the messages would be automatically routed to the folder.

Time-saving: You don’t have to waste time deleting unnecessary messages from your inbox; instead that time can now be utilized for some productivity, thanks to Unsubscriber.

Free Tool: This super-tool comes at a zero cost, which just adds up to the list of reasons, why you should start using Unsubscriber!

Unsubscriber is developed by OtherInbox, who come up with tools to make the email experience better for everyone by taking full control of their Inbox. Another app developed by them is “Organizer”, which helps the user organize the email folders in an effortless and secure way. Organizer helps sorting the emails into folders and keeping what is most important in the inbox. “Message Finder” is yet another app by OtherInbox, which makes it super easy for the user to find a particular email on their mobile. It sorts the emails into easy categories which makes them highly accessible for the user, proving handy at the time of an urgent email requirement.

Give Unsubscriber a try and let us know if it works for you.

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  1. arie

    this is useful indeed, thank you very much for sharing 🙂

  2. Supreet Bhatia

    Glad that you liked it. 🙂

  3. olesmithy

    When I click on Subscribe the screen turns grey and nothing happens

  4. Supreet Bhatia

    Hi, did you mean ‘Sign up’, by subscribe? If you are facing this issue while signing up then try refreshing your browser (Ctrl+F5) or try using another browser, its working just fine in Chrome & Opera. When you click on Sign up, it gives you the options: AOL, Gmail, Yahoo & Outlook. Hope this helps.

  5. Ed

    It is a known fact that if you unsubscribe to junk and spam emails you will get even more junk and spam, reason being is that the spammers know that the email address is legit and will then continue bombarding it.
    Best thing to do is:
    a.) using your email filters, block the email and ip address from which it was sent.
    b.) simply delete the spam or junk mail.

  6. George Melendez Correa

    Well isn’t this just GREAT…… been getting so much junk mail and this has been the best tool I’ve used to get rid of it ALL. Have 3 email accounts, Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo and they work just fine. No issues at all. I suspect that I’m just relaying the “junk mail” to this tool and it’s receiving the mail that I put in “Unsubscriber” account so when the “junk mail” come to my email account “Unsubscriber” receives it and it won’t come into my email accounts.Thanks a million for the advice.

  7. abodooma

    Finally. gonna try it

  8. Supreet Bhatia

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us George.we are glad that you found it useful.

  9. Mike Meagher

    Crap – opened the page link click on link to sign up and nothing happens.

  10. I only wish there was one for Microsoft office 2010

  11. I really don’t see what this does that Outlook doesn’t already attempt to do. You still have to manually move the spam that makes it to your inbox, and Outlook also attempts to unsubscribe you from mail placed in your spam folder. Perhaps I missed something. The disturbing part, though, is in the terms when you sign up. I think this might be an unnecessary device to collect information.

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