Divide, Protect, Split and Merge PDF files with UnityPDF freeware

PDF (Portable Document Format) being a very popular file format used now, at times, requires you to perform variety of functions like merge, split, divide and so on. To perform these tasks you need a simple and easy to use software. UnityPDF is a simple split and merge PDF software, easy to handle and does not require you to gain any prior knowledge before you start using it. Apart from splitting and merging it also performs other PDF related tasks such as extraction and protection of PDF files. So, now with UnityPDF, you can easily handle your PDF documents and perform various basic operations on them.

Split and Merge PDF with UnityPDF

Some of the features of this freeware that can help you to manage your PDF files are as follows:

  • Easy to use
  • Drag and drop feature
  • Security feature
  • Two version: Installer and portable zip file
  • Simple and attractive user interface
  • Information like path, size can be seen easily on the main window only

Using UnityPDF

Merge PDF files: In order to merge the PDF files what you need to do is that select and add the PDF file which you want to merge. After adding the file click on “Actions” button on top of the main window and then click on “Merge PDF files” option. Give the destination path where you want to have your merged PDF file and then see the result.

Split and Merge PDF

2. Split PDF files: Splitting of PDF files is very simple in UnityPDF. Just add the file which you want to split and click on “Actions” button where you need to choose “Split PDF file(s)” and then select or create a new folder where you want to place your split files.

Split and Merge your PDF files

3. Divide PDF files: If you want to divide your PDF files then you can do that by clicking on “Divide PDF file(s)” option in “Actions” button. You need to give the number of parts in which you want your PDF file to be divided into.

Split and Merge your PDF files

Select the Number of Parts and the approximate size of each part.

Split and Merge your PDF files

4. Extract page: If you want to extract some certain range of pages then click on “Actions” and then “Extract page(s)”.

Split and Merge your PDF files

Give the range (to-from) page numbers..

Split and Merge your PDF files

5. Insert page: Insertion of page/file can be done on clicking “Insert page(s)” in “Actions”. You can insert it before the first page, after the last page or even before and after ‘n’ number of pages.

6. Protect PDF file: You can protect your PDF files by setting up a user and owner passwords. It should be noted down that both the password should be different. You can even provide various type of restriction by not checking on various permission checkboxes.

Split and Merge your PDF files

7. Show Metadata: You can see metadata by clicking on “Show Metadata” option in “Actions” drop down list.

Split and Merge your PDF files

8. Remove (Clean) Metadata: If you want you can even clean the Metadata information in UnityPDF.

If you need to perform basic operation like adding and removing the PDF file or reordering them, then just click on “Manage List” to handle all such operations. In UnityPDF there is also no need to go to main top window drop down buttons. There are so many small icons present under the main menu that can perform the same action as you can do by going inside the particular top drop down buttons.

UnityPDF is a very useful tool in handling all basic PDF operations. For those who work continuously with PDF file format, UnityPDF really proves to be real good tool.

Click here to download the free application.

You can also remove PDF password & unlock PDF files.

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