UniRed is a Text Editor that supports all Unicode characters

If you’re looking for a Text Editor for Windows that supports all types of Unicode characters, then chances are, you may be finding it difficult to come across a decent enough tool for your special needs. With this in mind, we went into the depth of the web to locate something for you. During our search, we came across a tool known as UniRed, a lightweight text editor for Windows 10 computers. It supports every type of Unicode characters, and it comes in both English and Russian. Now, the Russian language is the default. Therefore, you’ll have to change it to English after installation.

What we have here is a tool that is great for developers who have to use more than one Unicode types. ANSI, Unicode 16-bit, UTF-8, Latin, Cyrillic, and more, they are all there, friends.

UniRed Text Editor for Windows

1] Change language to English

UniRed Text Editor for Windows

Here’s the thing, there’s no option to install UniRed in English by default. Once the app is up and running, the default language will be in Russian, but luckily this can be changed with a few clicks of the mouse.

What you need to do is click on Options, Language, and then select English from the menu. Just follow what we’ve laid out in the image above to have a greater understanding of how to do this because you probably have no idea how to speak Russian.

2] Edit

Now, when it comes down to editing documents, well, just go ahead and work your magic by typing whatever you want. But if you want to do more, just click on the Edit button, and from there, you can paste, select all, undo, and even to change the size of the texts to lower case from uppercase, or vice versa.

Spell checking, and formatting paragraphs are also options the user can choose from, so while the features are not super rich, they are more than decent.

3] Search

If you have written a multitude of text and planning to search for a particular phrase, doing so manually would be like looking for a needle in a giant pile of haystacks. That’s just not feasible at all, therefore, wouldn’t it be better to just use the Search option instead?

To get yourself to this feature, click on the Search tab and then select any of the tools available. Clicking on Find will allow you to locate the word or phrase you’re looking for. Selecting Replace means you want to change a word or phrase to something different.

If that’s not enough, then you can go directly to the line number you want. It’s all easy to understand, and you know what? We like that.

4] Options

OK, so the options section is where you’ll find a few cool things, at least from our point of view. As stated above, changing the language is done from here, but folks can also edit their file settings as well. Don’t ever edit the file settings unless you have an idea of what you’re doing.

Additionally, under the Options tab is where the General Settings lives. It’s quite strange because both the file settings and general settings have new tabs, but none are named. We’re hoping the developer will fix this in a future update because it makes little sense.

From the General Settings, then, the user can change the default text font and even the color scheme.

5] Windows

This section will give the user the ability to change the tile. Want to change it to horizontal or vertical? No problem, Bob, it can be done. Want a cascade window instead? Well, UniRed has got you covered on that front as well, Bobby boy.

Folks can even clone windows, and from what we’ve seen, doing this creates a carbon copy, and we definitely like that.

You can download UniRed from esperanto.mv.ru.

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