How to uninstall Windows 10 Technical Preview

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An Electrical Engineer by profession, Kapil is a Microsoft MVP and a Microsoft Content Creator. Please read the entire post & the comments first & create a system restore point before making any changes to your system.


  1. Hadrian Embalsado

    I installed it on my older laptop.

  2. Uver Santa Cruz

    This is amazing news, my cocern is if im going to have all my documents and progams in place after unistalling the update? Unlike the average person who would back up there system i just went all out. Any advice

  3. ^^ Always backup the stuff, it’s a great idea 🙂

  4. Sean

    This won’t actually uninstall the Preview and revert your machine back to Windows 8.1. It will just uninstall updates for the technical preview.

    I’ve seen instructions to actually roll back to Windows 8.1 in a few other places, though. (has instructions specific to rolling it back on a Surface Pro 3 but it should work on any PC) and…

    This reddit post:

  5. ^^ Article updated, thanks for your efforts 🙂

  6. Sebastian Piotrowski

    I’ve install W10 TP on clean desktop PC no other systems. And now I can not use boot from dvd and install something else. How can I remove W10 TP?

  7. Wayne Foster

    it won’t revert back to anything except back to before you installed updates since installing the tec preview it’s still tec preview

  8. BMF

    I went to remove the Tech Preview from Windows updates and the update was not there , so I went into recovery console via ctrl shutdown and I selected “Uninstall Tech Preview” I got an error that it couldn’t find at update … Guess a full reload is in order

  9. Dee

    I had the same questions, I would like to remove it entirely and put Windows 8.1 back. I am not sure if it can be done without a full reload. Any ideas? I am running a Dell.

  10. ^^ Seems like you need to change boot order. Enter into BIOS or UEFI settings, whatever your system have and then give first booting preference to DVD. Then during installation, you can format the drive and remove W10 TP.

  11. ^^ It will only uniinstall the buggy updates, we have made changes to article, please re-read 🙂

  12. ^^ You can uninstall preview updates from Advanced Options at boot, check second way 🙂

  13. ^^ Install W8.1 in parallel drive, and the remove W10 from primary hard drive 🙂

  14. Sebastian Piotrowski

    I can’t get access to BIOS and change it. Computer was clean and when I set dvd with Windows 10 it starts which means DVD is set as bootable but now don’t work or Windows 10 change something or brake it… any other sugestions???

  15. Katarina G. Carpenter

    Thanks for the tip. I installed it in a partition on an old Vista laptop, but the size of the partition proved too small to do much more than look at the OS.
    Therefore I’m going to just install the preview on the whole drive. I hardly ever use the laptop anyway, and losing Vista is no loss.
    If all fails, too, I have an old OEM XP CD 😉

  16. Pav Sidhu

    Could you make a tutorial on how to do this? I don’t quite understand how to do it, I can’t bare Windows 10 anymore!

  17. Dissapointed danny

    Doesn’t Work. Im stuck on this and terrible. please send help

  18. Isabel Magnolia

    I have one question, By the looks down below, it only uninstalls the actual updates.

    I want too completely uninstall it and go back too my windows 7. Plus, I’m confused on how to do this…

  19. stellamcln

    .Brilliant! Installed easily?used an office product key from &&& windows 8.1key sale ***on bing and then it worked fine , perfect torrent ,thx!

  20. Maxine Kirk

    I tried to get to the uninstall on my computer, but did not get anything that told me to uninstall preview updates. The person who formatted my hard drive put Windows 8.1 back on and also the Windows 10 TP I just want the TP GONE!!! It had messed up my machine to no end. Can’t tolerate it.

  21. larrydev

    I would like to know the procedure to uninstall Win10TP using the command line within (shown above) Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Command Line. My Win7Pro system is hung up and the command line seems to be my only option to uninstall Win10TP. My system is hung up and I only see the blue windows of step 2. and step 3. (above) plus the Advanced Options window.

  22. Albert Cardona II

    I installed it but like a dummy I did not partition my hard drive, however I do not see this update you are talking about and I have 9 different ones is there a newer version on how to do this?

  23. oliver

    Please help me ! , I have a Windows 10Technical Preview, before i have original Windows 8.1. I dont have with my notebook product key. and I dont know how unninstall Windows 10TP. Please help me

    My mail:

  24. bmetelsky

    This is the most ridiculous article I have ever read. Your instructions for removing Windows 10 from a dual boot situation are absolutely wrong!!! How can a Microsoft MVP be putting out this trash?

  25. Nguy?t ??c Nguy?n

    ME TOOOO :'(

  26. Terrycharge

    Actually I don’t like Windows 8.1 that much which I think a lot of users have the same feelings like me. Now I’ve updated my computer to the Windows 10 technical Preview already. I’d like to give a thumb up for this compared to last one. I also tested several programs including free and a paid one Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player. Works fine!

  27. ^^ We can understand the frustration when things don’t work as we expect. Updated the article with another method, see if it could help you 🙂

  28. Nathan Leonardis

    What happens when you power computer off durning rollback

  29. ^^ That’s an expected situation which we haven’t faced yet. There MIGHT be a system corruption occur, or you’ll be remain with Windows 10 even after rollback. But as I said, we’re not sure about this. Users are advised to perform rollback when there is minimum possibility of power cut.

  30. Dexan

    restore your computer to factory settings

  31. WOW cool!!!! i got my 8.1 back with EVERYTHING back in 5 minutes!!! WOWOWOWOW why cant installation be like thiis???i never knew about rollback lol win10tp wasnt that buggy

  32. ABD

    It shows me roll back option but give some error… I am also no able to install a fresh copy of windows via usb,.

  33. CharonPDX

    Hi, I downloaded the Windows 10 Technical Preview *installer* on my tablet, but I can’t install it because it uses a compressed boot image. Unfortunately, “Upgrade to Windows 10 Technical Preview” now appears in my Windows Update constantly, as the “next update to install.” Even if I hide it, it shows up the next time. Is there any way to remove this from Windows Update? (So that it only shows Windows 8.1 updates, rather than the W10TP?)

  34. Erubu Tayo

    Hi, please i mistakenly hit the “Windows Rollback button”, how can i get back to the upgraded version without redownloading it (how can i undo the rollback)

  35. ^^ AFAIK, unfortunately atm there is no way exists for now to upgrade after rollback, again to Windows 10.

  36. rob Vollinga

    And up with blackscreen, old windows 8.1 doesn’t start anymore. glad I have a acronis full backup!

  37. Lina

    Unfortunately this won’t work if your last version was not windows 8.1 but a previous build of the tech preview. For me, it rolls back to the previous build (which I like and would love to keep) but a few days later, it reinstall the nonfunctioning build. If I could, I would keep the last build around, but having to reinstall and rollback every three days is just too annoying. Keeping 9926 is not really an option either since Youtube, Netflix, Facebook and all office programs stop functioning completely in it.

  38. honey kumar

    i have windows 7 ultimate on my laptop than i upgrade windows 10 TP than how i use my earlier version win 7 ultimate and at upgrading did my local disk data delete or crack please reply

  39. Tony

    How to boot into Windows 10 Technical Preview latest build? What buton i need to push?

  40. Roger Christensen

    I understand that the option to just roll back is a good thing. But in my eyes, i dont want to get this choise everytime i start windows 10. Is there any way to hide that option and restore only if you need to?

  41. Robert C Beals


  42. Guest

    I need help to uninstall Window 10 TP. I forget to dual boot so how can I install it. Please help.

  43. Phat Nguyen

    I need help to uninstall Window 10 TP. I forget to go to BIOS to setup it. Please help!

  44. Katie Hansen

    Sean, that isn’t necessarily true, it worked for me… i installed windows 10 directly onto my HDD, I didn’t mess around with duel boots or external drives or anything. A recent update made ableton no longer able to work with win 10, so I chose to restore windows, thinking it would just remove the updates from windows 10, however it rolled me all the way back to windows 8.1! relatively seamlessly and fast which is good, I’ll make my way back to windows 10 eventually

  45. Katie Hansen

    not true, it rolled me back to windows 8.1

  46. Peter

    I have selected the wrong resolution and now NOTHING will display on Win 10 and I cannot change it to roll back…Any ideas pleeeease

  47. AmRadeone

    Doesn’t work for me

  48. Sybil Berkley

    What if the Rollback screen no longer appears?

  49. Jeff

    I rolled back to windows 8.1 from windows 10, how can i find the files that were on my windows 10 desktop

  50. One problem. Once you’ve rolled back toWin7, windows update will keep trying to re-install 10. Even if you choose to hide the Technical Preview Update, it will reappear. I have hidden this 6 times and it is listed 6 times when I choose to Show Hidden Updates.

  51. ^^ No idea about why is it happening. Hope to get it fixed in future builds 🙂

  52. Janoriacorven Resident

    Disable update notifications. since it is an optional update, you can force installing of important updates only.. fixed.

  53. I switched From windows 8.1 to windows 10 , But I Have a Problem of Connexion : Connexion Limited , Please Help !!!

  54. Guest

    Not sure if that would work, but I found a fix. Delete update KB2990214

  55. I did find a fix, delete/uninstall update KB2990214

  56. Josh

    Right i have a problem. Basically the “Rollback” option has been removed from my system after i did a System Refresh to sort out some minor issues. So now i am stuck on Windows 10, it’s as if Windows 8.1 never existed on my computer, I am tempted to attempt a factory reset… but i fear this will remove the OS altogether and ask to reinstall the OS (When i brought my computer from Dell, they never gave me a Windows 8 key or disc, so this creates problems). Any ideas on how i could proceed anyone? Microsoft wasn’t very helpful on the matter to be honest with you.

  57. ^^ Contact Dell and ask them to provide you a disk, then attempt factory reset 🙂

  58. sai

    how can i uninstall windows 10 technical preview from my windows phone ?

  59. ^^ I haven’t installed it yet, so no idea about it right now.

  60. Beth

    How can I rollback to windows 8.1 if I do not get the blue screen with the option to rollback?

  61. Bond, erm ... James I think

    Installed Windows 10 technical preview last week as an upgrade to Windows 7 home, everything is woking fine other than having to reinstall a couple of programs. My issue is that my PC now takes over 60 minutes to startup, the initial POST run to login is fine but after login I get a blankscreen until everything is loaded, the HDD activity indicator is flashing away during this time.

    Has anyone experienced this and dio they know of any resolution I can try before I unistall Wivdows 10?

    Thanks in advavce


  62. Xeromix

    After deinstalli9ng the Win 10 TP, to Win 7, i can’t run any program! what’s going on there? Some of my .dll files don’t exist! Please help!

  63. Francis

    After I did a rollback, is it possible to update again to windows 10?

  64. THEBLIX12

    when i start windows 10 it doesnt have that option anymore,it just gos straight to the sign in thing. what should i do?

  65. ??????? ?????

    Same problem. Did yoy find any solution?

  66. macesboy .

    Is there a way to UNDO this? I had know idea switching to rollback would literally uninstall windows technical preview (Was having problems running certain software and wanted to see if Windows 10 was the problem). I cant just get a blue screen asking me if I would like to revert back again?

  67. tom

    Doing this crashed my computer, sent it into boot loop and now I can’t reinstall windows 8.1! Helpppp

  68. Sophia Anne Wise

    I made the MISTAKE of installing windows 10 on my laptop today. Not only did it take 4 and a half HOURS(when it claimed the install was instant) to install, but I was FORCED to shut my computer down because I did not have another 12 hours to waste for the rest of the process to be completed.

    If you change your mind for any reason, all you have to do is shut your computer down. When you reboot it, Windows 10 will automatically revert back to your previous program, although that process seems to take about half an hour.

    It wasn’t worth it to me. I panicked for a moment, until my computer FINALLY returned to Windows 7. No more fancy upgrades for me. The installation process is RIDICULOUSLY SLOW. Don’t take the chance if you don’t really NEED to.

  69. Sophia Anne Wise

    Go to the control panel, under the colorful windows start up button and choose uninstall under programs. This should bring up a list on the right of your recent updates. This update will be listed as microsoft and should have a number in parentheses that is K90… followed by the rest of the numbers.

    I forgot the actual number, but is starts with K90…. Then highlight it and either right click or click on the upper uninstall feature. This will get rid of the update and you shouldn’t have this problem any longer.

    If you’re not sure which microsoft product it is, go by the date you installed this feature. If your still not sure, look up how to uninstall windows 10 tech and the number will be listed there with the uninstall instructions.

  70. Thomas Rossi

    Updated 7sp1 to win 10 technical preview via download. Many issues with 10 but rollback option doesn’t work..I wouldn’t have installed if I know rollback was broken. Should have known better. than to trust MS. And 10 updates have failed. I’m stuck on 9926. Bluetooth headset will no longer connect. Video driver failed and had to reinstall several times. Can’t turn off Web search in search bar but that’s okay, it usually won’t accept ANY

  71. Quincy Capers

    i do not see the option to do that so what should i do to go back to 8.1?

  72. Jann Ryan Jacinto Novela

    how to boot into that first image?

  73. ^^ Mount the Windows 10 ISO to your system. Boot your system using this ISO and start the setup. You must see there “Repair your computer” option. Click it, select Troubleshoot. You’re now arrived at first image 🙂

  74. Dazed&Confused

    I have installed Windows 10TP and had that “choose operating system” screen initially….however. I came back to find my computer having restarted and now the screen does not show on boot up. My steam games no longer work and i want to roll back, but can not figure out how. Surely it should be easy…..

  75. Franz Baum

    how i get in the operating system window?

  76. Tristan C

    I am not given the “Windows Rollback” option on startup. I currently run build 10049. Any suggestions?

  77. Tristan C

    If you’re running an Nvidia graphics card, try updating your software.

  78. adriianeut

    I lost that option 2 builds ago :/

  79. nimrodsicl

    Or if, like me, the boot option has disapperared do the following:
    Go to Start Menu ? Settings ? Update & Recovery ? Recovery, and click Get started button under Go back to a previous version of Windows.

  80. Charlie Young

    did step 1 still cantget step 2 how do i get this

  81. ^^ Plug the recovery disc or installation disc, boot, select Repair your computer. Go with Troubleshoot option. You must be step 2.

  82. jacob K


  83. noname

    I tryed to do this, and i accidentaly clicked windows 10 tp instead of rollback
    And now my laptop is stuck on the start screen and it wont go in desktop, it says please wait for almoast an hour

  84. frank

    how do i get to th technical preview latest build so i can roll back like my comp. was

  85. Ryan Chhim

    Help! I can’t delete Windows 10 Tech Preview! It says this: “The files we need to take you back to a previous version of Windows were removed from this PC”. I can’t do Windows Rollback as I get an error which I think was Error Code 0xc000000f. I’m basically stuck on Windows 10 and I want to go back. Please Help!

  86. Soldado Aruanda

    Any luck on this error?

  87. Vilt? Tamulionyt?

    Hey, I installed windows10 on my WP yesterday and I couldn’t use my SIM card so I decided to restore factory settings, but I can’t do it. My phone still is in windows 10 and it doesn’t show menu or something. I’ve tried to restore it from PC, but I can’t do it too. what to do? pls heeelp :(((

  88. daneclonney

    Windows 10 Preview is good and awaiting for its launch.
    Install Windows 10 Preview

  89. muffin

    I enjoyed it, but I had trouble properly running Xamarin Android Player so I had to revert back to my old system.

  90. WishIWuzACropDuster

    How does one uninstall Windows 10 TP from a Windows 7 system with two hard drives? I installed Windows 10 TP on a 500 GB hard drive. My system drive is a 2 TB.

  91. WishIWuzACropDuster

    I installed Windows 10TP on a second internal hard drive. How do I uninstall it?

  92. marcW

    There is no rollback choice anymore since the new build 10041.
    How to reinstal W8.1?

  93. Luther_Manning

    Tried the rollback feature, failed, ended up installing windows7 from scratch.

  94. Patrick Mediana

    Mr. Kapil please help, i installed Windows 10, Build 10074, but the problem it is so slow, and i want to go back to Windows 8.1, if i download again the windows 8.1, it is possible to loss my files?

  95. ^^ We suggest you to backup files before downgrading 🙂

  96. som

    what f***ing… when m tried to install windows recovery tool den it says it requires windows newer version… 🙁

  97. TheXboxMaster117

    I’ve installed it, but I can’t view my start screen. The only apps I can
    use are cortana, camera, the browser, and settings. The only reason I
    can get them is because they’re can be used off of the start screen.
    Can anyone help??

  98. Loopy Cooney

    I just installed W10 today and that option doesn’t exist on my boot screen. Just windows and my macrium reflect which I tried to use but it won’t work either. I thought if it didn’t work or I didn’t like it that I could use my reflect image and restore but it won’t let me 🙁

  99. Herald Faith Llanto

    I got mistake in my pc.. after i go into the Updates and click the “go back to previous version”. My pc now wont boot and keep on restarting. What must i do to my pc to go back in windows *?

  100. Herald Faith Llanto

    I cant use it now.. Even start up wont appear. Help me pls.

  101. Mosha

    After rolling back from 10130 to 10122 after i messed up something, how i can re-update to 10130? Windows Update won’t show me the 10130-Update after rolling back :/

  102. Andhika Rhaviev

    In W10 i can’t connect to WIFI
    What the solution of this?

  103. george

    i’m old school and i don’t understand most of windows10 everything appears very complicated to me.i think i’m going to stick to my good old fashion windows7

  104. Adriana Leann Soto

    Please help, I can’t get back to my windows 7, and I feel like crying..

  105. Adriana Leann Soto


  106. Sheepkilla

    Their is no boot option you suck.

  107. Sheepkilla

    I know he is telling people to totally reformat their hard drives instead of just rolling back this guy is a idiot.

  108. Sheepkilla

    Then you didn’t use it enough…its all bugs and spyware from the NSA when you install this your instantly connected to the cloud….

  109. Pablo

    Can’t because the search bar is not working Please help

  110. Steven

    Do you already have a solution for this problem? Because it’s the same on my system.

  111. Angelo Desucatan

    Help please, I am stuck in windows 10 and I can’t rollback. I was so dumb. I did not backup my pc

  112. Dumrique Jomel

    1. Start the machine and boot into Windows 10 Technical Preview latest build.

    how do you boot into windows 10??!!!

  113. Gine Burdeos Embon

    Where i cn find this changing os? :3

  114. Gine Burdeos Embon

    Sir, what do you mean by boot? Or where i could find this..

  115. Gine Burdeos Embon

    How to boot? Windows 10 is so irritating. 🙁

  116. Qazi Muhammad Osama

    I WANT TO ROLL BACK FROM WINDOWS 10 ITS NOT WORKING IN MY LUMIA 822 restarting and nothing showing.

  117. anoldlady

    How do I boot into Technical Preview. Actually how do I sign off restart?

  118. CHANEL MAnn

    Does anyone know how to uninstall the windows 10 on a laptop when its already installed? Any advice

  119. Bill Hathaway

    Dont roll back, it is a trap. I wanted my win7 back, made the choice, noe all i get unable to start computer. My 3 thousand dollar is now junk thanks for nothing

  120. Samresh Jalan

    I have installed Windows 10 and I am sorry for it! My PC has become very slow. The drivers are not working. I believe Microsoft is going to dogs. My USB mouse is not supported. I need some help with reverting back to windows 8

  121. Kathleen Ivan

    I want win 7 back also.

  122. Alexandra Schmid

    I uninstalled windows 10 and got back to my old windows 8.1
    The problem now is that no program will work properly – Mail account, Calender.
    It tries to open the program but then just shuts itself down.
    What happened and what can I do to fix it ?

  123. TickleMeTommy.

    For some reason, there are so many people here that have never left their house and expect people to know what they are talking about.. I had a comment asking for a tutorial and got abused by some guy for not having the knowledge..

    (Not my fault I have a wife and moved out of my mothers place).

  124. Paul D'Angelo

    My son has just tried to revert back to windows 7 after trying windows 10 but computer wont restart, blue screens and goes to dos . have tried repair reboot but doesn’t resolve and goes backtoblue screen and dos again. Any suggestions?

  125. LadyJ AtBay

    Great but how do I find this operating system?

  126. Cro

    I have problem, I did all that, but it passed 2 hours and my computer is turning off and on and on screen is restoring your previous version of windows but its not happening, its just turnin off and on… What can I do?

  127. Gamingsub64

    I don’t have the option to select an operating system

  128. Bill Morrell

    My laptop is locked and I cannot get out to uninstall. It just flashes “search…..”any ideas?

  129. Scott Wittig

    Tried a roll back to windows 7.. the damage thing is crashing and goes to repair windows then fails.. now I’must depressed because I would have to reinstall from an old version of Windows 7 with thousands of updates to download and install and hundreds of gigs of programs,games and hundreds of hours to get back everything..

  130. B8Ton

    I installed 10 over 8.1 in an almost new Lenovo C260. Because of slowdown, I used the Rollback option and PC ended up locked in a loop of the Lenovo logo and the message, “PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. just checking for errors and will restart for you” That has been running for a week. There is no response to keyboard functions. Power down and up goes back to the same loop. I think I’m screwed unless there is a miracle worker out there.

  131. win1251932

    I would like to return to Windows 7

  132. win1251932

    windows 10 I was unable to find my printer change me back to windows 7 please

  133. Dennis Consitt

    My problem is that I am stuck with windows 7 interface & cannot access windows 10 from the little window in bottom left. Hence I canoe get to settings. HELP!!

  134. Ed

    My wife downloaded Windows 10 and now when it starts you can log in and then it halts and the screen flashes forever. There are no icons or ability to get to the settings to restore back to Windows 7. What can I do????

  135. ^^ Plug in the installation disc and navigate to Advanced Options -> Troubleshoot -> Go back to Windows 7.

  136. ^^ Which little window?

  137. ^^ See the other suggestions mentioned in article regarding downgrade.

  138. DoctorFart

    I NEED HELP !!!!! I uninstalled windows 10 and when it goes to boot my computer back up it says I need to perform a repair. I do and it doesnt work. Ive done all the advance settings except reboot it. PLease help me from rebooting it !!!!!!!!

  139. ^^ If you uninstalled Windows 10, which OS on you’re right now? Use that OS recovery disc and repair it using it.

  140. catherine smith

    i am wanting to get my old windows back 8 1.i hve been trying for ages and cant get it i have sent request for help and was left thinking i was getting help still trying comming onto my 3 day

  141. Amanda Nichole Franquet BA

    I want to revert to 8.1 on my Surface Pro 3. How can I do that?! Please help!

  142. Amanda Nichole Franquet BA

    I want to revert to 8.1. I have a Surface Pro 3. How can I do that?! Please help!

  143. Jesse

    ok I have a hp pavilion x2.. I tried installing the windows 10 and know the tablets is freaking out its flashing willing booting and that’s all it does can anyone please help?

  144. Valerie Sears

    My desktop pc says it won’t let me install windows 10. Something about Nvdia being to old. My question is how do I get rid of the information that is on desktop to download windows 10?

  145. Billy Merrz

    “Start the machine and boot into Windows 10 Technical Preview latest build.”

    great instruction.
    Like me saying “If you want to get to my house just come down my street and I’m the last one on the left.”

  146. Doug Archer

    I want to uninstall Windows 10, NOT HAPPY, Won’t LET ME! SUGGESTIONS?

  147. JDale Jordan

    I installed Windows 10, it made my system very unstable. I attempted to go back to windows 8…and my computer crashed. Did everything by the book. Next time I’m waiting until the new operating system has worked through all the problems. Lesson learned. Thanks Microsoft for NOTHING!

  148. patricia Mandeville

    window 10 is to complicated for me i am a senior and all this is to much .Patricia Mandeville

  149. Krista Rigney

    Ii don’t have that startup screen mine just keeps blinking and looks like my windows 7 but windows 10 is installed how can I uninstall without an actual startup menu option?? Please help me!!

  150. Disgusted in Cincy

    Windows 10 is the biggest piece of garbage. I found a solution. Buy an Apple

  151. Bellfri

    I kept getting a blue screen with an error message “critical process died” and had to wait for the computer to reboot at least once an hour. Thought it would be taken care of but was not. Finally went back to 8.1 by using my original computer instructions since the W 10 instructions didn’t work for me. Much happier now.

  152. Eric Fender

    How can you downgrade from a clean installation since there no other OS install but the clean version ? You can’t downgrade if you don’t have another OS available, meaning no recovery partition or OS software

  153. Christopher Douglas

    Kapil, you don’t seem to have answered any questions for two months. Are you just fed up with all the questions about Windows (rubbish) 10?
    I would love to uninstall it too but it won’t let me.
    None of my ports are recognised. My Bluetooth has disappeared. I can’t download from my camera or phone.
    Chris, Southampton UK

  154. sneaky69

    how do I change my windows 10 to windows 7?

  155. Mohd Alam

    frm where I wil gt the 1 stp

  156. Bryan Longstocking

    I haven’t installed the “Get Windows 10” OS yet, how do I get rid of it completely? I’ve heard horror stories about all my favorite games and programs no longer working, or the need to hack programs to install things, ugh, its sounds horrible! Windows 8 FOREVER!

  157. tc

    Mine doesn’t allow me to do anything, it stays in a running mode but I can’t move the mouse nor make any changes.

  158. SSE

    Always back up first, before an upgrade. My husband upgraded my PC without warning me. I did not have the chance to back mine up first.

  159. Chaska Moore

    so basically I’m screwed on rolling back to my previous version of xp since it’s been over a month since I installed windows 10 and the windows.old file is deleted? Windows 10 has slowed my pc down an unbelievable amount. I’ve cleaned everything and run avast daily and I really just want my xp system back. I have no back up disks for xp, it came on the pc that was given to me.

  160. Nathan Price

    Windows 10 is absolute horseshit! I cannot remove it from my system and it updated itself on my computer. I DO NOT WANT THIS DAMN OS GIVE ME BACK MY WINDOWS & or at least let me install Ubuntu cause this OS is shit.

  161. Anna Nimos

    HP Pavilion laptop came with Windows 10 and for some reason, I CAN’T GET RID OF THIS DOG. Please HELP. Computer will not even “allow” itself to be erased. What kind of fascist, cancerous program is Windows 10, anyway?

  162. You will not be able to change your OS. Your laptop came with an OEM Windows 10 key. You will not be able to downgrade. The only way is, you will have to buy a retail key for Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and fresh install that OS and use that key.

  163. W John Bohdan

    I purchased a new laptop with windows 10 and was wondering if it’s possible to uninstall win 10 and install a fresh windows 8


    For such an intelligent dude like you, people should be knocking down your door to solve their problems .

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